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0 Must Have Wordpress Plugins | Wordpress Plugins FreeThis are one of my favorite, top 10 wordpress plugins. This plugins makes your website more advanced. Amazing!
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Links to plugins (wordpress free plugins) :
10. – Comments Not Replied To :
9. – Flare Social :
8. – WP-HTML-Compression :
7. WP No Category base :
6. – Social Pools by OpitionStage :
5. – P3 (Plugin Performance Profiler) :
4. – Newsletter :
3. Mega Slider — Responsive NOT FREE (but it’s extra cool) :
2.WordPress Related Posts :
1. – Seo By Yoast :

Check out for some more ‘premium’ wordpress plugins :

Top 10′s list (WordPress Free Plugin) :

10. Comments not replied to.

“Comments Not Replied To” is a plugin that makes it easy to manage the comments on your blog, especially for those of you who have a significant amount of comments.

That’s the picture how it looks like when someone comment on your site you’ll see if you have already replied on his comment.

9. Flare social
Flare social is great new plugin which was made in 2013. You can easily configure and share your posts across some of the most popular networks and of course it’s free.

8. WP-HTML-Compression

This plugin is great for better site speed. Remember if your site is slow it’s really bad for SEO (Search Engine Optimization). WP-HTML-Compression will compress your HTML by shortening URLS and removing standard comments and whitespace.

7. WP No Category base

Great plugin which removes category from links. Example yoursite/category/floorball or yoursite/category/ski-jumping.

6. Social Poolls by OpinionStage

Social Pools is really great looking plugin. You can also add this pool to sidebars or to your posts.

5. P3 (Plugin Performance Profiler)

One of my favorite plugins, because checking which plugins are bad coded or poorly configured can give you real headache. This plugin creates a profile of your WordPress site’s plugins’ performance by measuring their impact on your site’s load time.

4. Newsletter
Having your own e-mail database is really necessary. First I receommned starting with free plugin like these Newsletter plugin, but he has disadvantages like slow sending,newsletter goes to spam… After that it’s good to have Mailchimp or Aweber which are #1 in online marketing. Why? Simple because you can send mails without arriving to spam and you can track how many have opened mail and much more.

3. Mega Slider — Responsive WordPress Slider Plugin | NOT FREE
This plugin is not free but it’s worth 15$. With this Mega Slider you can easily add text, image or video to your slider, with a friendly admin user interface and power timeline manager. It’s also responsive.

2.WordPress Related Posts
WordPress related posts is one of the most unusual plugins in this category. It shows related posts beautifully and works well when website is viewed on mobile.

1.WordPress SEO by Yoast
Amazing plugin for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) – better Google results.

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Video Player | File Protection | Amazon S3 Plugin For WordPress & Joomla | Cdnvault

0 Video Player | File Protection | Amazon S3 Plugin For Wordpress & Joomla | CdnvaultClick here:

Video Player | File Protection | Amazon S3 Plugin For WordPress & Joomla | Cdnvault
Introducing Best Video Player & File Protection, Amazon s3 Plugin for WordPress & Joomla Websites. Unlimited Site License at great prices.
Video Player | File Protection | Amazon S3 Plugin For WordPress & Joomla | CDNvault Disclaimer Privacy Terms Products Services Forums Docs Account Extras Pricing Overview Best Video Player & File Protection Plugin for WordPress Websites – Share Your Files Securely and Play, or even Monetize Your Videos At The Touch Of A Button. Works With Both Amazon S3 and Locally Hosted Files Includes one free commercial license of Flowplayer. The commercial license of Flowplayer for one domain cost $95. You may check the price on Flowplayer website here. Features List Hotlinking Create auto expiring URLs for embedded files and videos each time the page loads. Even if someone shares your links, they won’t work. Ultimate security control is in your hands now. Formats & Branding Embedd PDF files, ZIP files, audios, videos or any other format in your content. The included commercial version of FlowPlayer supports SWF, FLV, MP4, and many more. Even place your own logo on video player. Video Options Change video player skin, auto play, auto buffer, show/hide controls bar, show video sharing options and lot more. Set them globally or change them for each video in your content. Unparalleld Security Secure your files that are hosted on Amazon S3, or the ones that are hosted locally. For local files, CDNVault creates encrypted links for your users to download the files so they never get to know the real location of your files. Viral Videos Make your videos go viral by allowing your viewers to share your videos via email or on Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, Bebo, Orkut, Digg, Stumbleupon and Livespaces.Email feature is spam-protected. Video Analytics Tracks video events to your Google Analytics account whenever a video playback is started and the total time it has been viewed. Powerful way to learn whether your viewers are watching your videos fully or simply abandoning. Monetization Display ADs on your videos with full HTML capabilities. Include clickable links or banner images. Viewers can close this ad anytime they want. But your offer still pops up. That means another chance to make that sale. Easy License Using our developer license, install on as many of your own sites, or your clients websites, as you want. However, a new license is required for commercial version of Flowplayer for each additional domain. A Invanto 2012. All Rights Reserved.

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Tutorial: How Create a WordPress Theme from Scratch (Basic Intro)

0 Tutorial: How Create a Wordpress Theme from Scratch (Basic Intro)Uses this PDF document as reference:

Uses this HTML page/package as a starting point:

How to take a regular HTML page and turn it into a very simple WordPress Theme Package that you can use on any wordpress site. Uses Dreamweaver.

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#1 Must Have Plugin for WordPress. Rank in Search Engines.

0 #1 Must Have Plugin for Wordpress. Rank in Search Engines. Getting targeted traffic to your blog or website is the number one priority of internet marketers. Targeted traffic + good content = lead! If people do not see your blog or website, you cannot get leads. This plugin is by far the best and easiest way to make sure you are getting a good SEO score with all your post. Although I did not mention it in your video, the plugin also links to Google’s keyword research tool so you can find the best keywords for your posts and pages. The plugin is 100% free.

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D.Academy ● Adding YouTube Videos to WordPress Automatically

0 D.Academy ● Adding YouTube Videos to WordPress AutomaticallyFor more Training Videos visit:





Adding YouTubeVvideos to WordPress Automatically
Duration: 8 mins 6 secs is one of the largest websites on the Internet. And this site gets millions and millions of visitors per day, and they also have millions of pages of web content. Now, what if you can use some of YouTube’s content and post that content automatically to your WordPress blog?

With a commercial plugin called WP YouTube, you can do exactly that. In fact, you can get videos from YouTube and post them to your blog, along with the video description and also the related comments. Now, there are several different types of licenses for WP Video Tube. And these are mostly differentiated by the amount of keywords that you can specify in the plugin itself.

So if you wanna create a single blog and you can live with 20 keywords, then you can go for the Lite version, or you can go for the Pro Elite; and if you wanna build multiple websites or multiple domains, then you can go for the Developer License. Once you have uploaded the WP YouTube plugin to your WordPress wpcontent/plugin folder, and then you should see it appear under the Installed Plugins list.

And here, we have WP Video Tube. And I’m going to activate that plugin. Now that the plugin is activated, I’m gonna look for the Settings page, which should be under the Settings tab right here, or if it’s not there, it should be under Tools. Alright? There you have it — WP Video Tube. So I’m gonna click on that.

Okay, so it says here, “This plugin allows you to post videos automatically from YouTube based on keywords you set up. You can also edit the post template here. So if you want to have custom styling for the WordPress videos themselves, then you can always add in your own CSS styles. But first, let’s create a new keyword.

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Top 10 WordPress Plugins for 2013 l Best WordPress Plugins

0 Top 10 WordPress Plugins for 2013 l Best WordPress Plugins

The Top Free WordPress Plugins for 2013

One of the best things I like about WordPress is all the great plugins you can use to add just about any functionality to your site. There are a ton of plugins out there so finding the best ones can be a time consuming task. So let me save you some time by giving you my list of the Top 10 WordPress plugins for 2013. This list of plugins are free to download and use. All these plugins can be installed through WordPress, just go to plugins and click on add new and type in the name of the plugin in the search box, once you see the name of the plugin you are looking for download it and then activate it and you are ready to start using the plugin. If you a have any plugins you want to recommend please leave them in the comments.
Also please visit for my free internet marketing tips.

10 Best WordPress Plugins
Best WordPress Plugins
Wordpress Plugins
Best WordPress Plugins 2013
Top 10 WordPress Plugins
Top WordPress Plugins 2013
Best WordPress Plugins

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SEO Gladiators Bonus – Get an Insane Package of Commercial SEO WP Plugins

0 SEO Gladiators Bonus   Get an Insane Package of Commercial SEO WP Plugins SEO Gladiators Bonus – Get an Insane Package of Commercial SEO WP Plugins. Go to my blog to check out this crazy BONUS offer for SEO Gladiators!

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How To Create A WordPress Website (FREE Photography Theme)! 2013

0 How To Create A WordPress Website (FREE Photography Theme)! 2013 How to create a WordPress website to showcase your photographs & images? Learn how to create a WordPress website step-by-step from scratch with no coding or programming experience. We’ll build a mobile-friendly, responsive, minimalist design, portfolio website using the FREE Hatch WordPress theme.

Features of the site include: social sharing on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and other social networks, email opt-in form call-to-action, photo gallery with lightbox, embedded video, responsive design so the website will look gorgeous on mobile smartphones, iPads, tablets, laptops, and desktops, a blog, and more. This site is focused on images, so most likely would be a great design for photographers, illustrators, designers, or photobloggers who want to showcase lots of photo content.

This video features the most current version of WordPress: WordPress 3.5.1.

We will also use the free WordPress theme called Hatch.

Need web hosting for your site?

In this video I’ll be using Hostgator for my web hosting. If you decide to use Hostgator, be sure to use my special coupon to get an extra discount off your order as well. The coupon code is:

*Note: I do receive a small referral commission if you sign up with Hostgator. Thanks in advance for helping to support these free training videos. I use Hostgator for my own site and only recommend services I trust. : )


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What program to use to create an online booking system?

My friend is opening up a private driving school.

He intends to create an online system whereby students can book their lessons online by clicking on the time slots.

It also can do cancellation, gives statement records, follow progress and so on.

What is the common and basic programs to write up this system?

There are already of a lot of them on the web. You can get a hosted solution or your own script.

Usually PHP/msql is ran on Linux and cheaper while ASP/ASP.NET / MS Access / MSSQL is ran a Windows and a bit more expensive,

WordPress is a hosted solution that has many add-ons – I listed a couple there. If you need developer to help implement this, www.odesk,com – there are many of them there