WordPress theme programming question?

Hey guys.. I was hoping maybe someone can help me.. I am creating my site and I would like to know if it’s possible or if someone can do this for me…I just got this theme for my site and I am in LOVE WITH! but basically what happens is when u click on for example "About Me" the Name is gone. I was wondering is there a way to tweak it when it’s clicked on a page..The Name or "Logo" just goes striaght up and just says there??? Any help is appericated. Heres the link to my site:

IF you can help me.. please email me @ gr8teen@gmail.com – Thank U!!!!

If you specify what theme you are using it would be easier, but if you go into the Theme Editor and look at the code (HTML / PHP) you should be able to edit it there to get it to do what you want.

WordPress Template Programming – Part 4

0 Wordpress Template Programming   Part 4www.pixelforlife.com

In this part of the lesson, we finally begin coding.

We don’t have a whole lot of time, so we only get the header image and header spacer image coded in.

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How do I use the program wordpress on the wordpress blog?

I made a wordpress blog and I dont feel like buying a domain. Is it possible for me to use wordpress on blogger or on the wordpress blogs. If you know tell me how.


No. Blogger is a proprietary blogging system. The WordPress.com has wordpress already installed for your use. If you have installed WordPress on your local machine and you want to use wordpress.com, you will need to copy and paste your posts individually.

You could look for a free webhosting account that allows you to install a standalone copy of wordpress, then you could simply import your sql file with all of your settings (providing you’ve installed wordpress locally)

Viroshop (e-commerce) Premium WordPress Plugin Free Download (www.cms-4free.com)

0 Viroshop (e commerce) Premium Wordpress Plugin Free Download (www.cms 4free.com)www.cms-4free.tk is a website from where you can download your necessary PREMIUM web development tools (templates, extensions. modules, plug in, components, e-book, tutorial etc. for Joomla, Drupal, WordPress) for free. We have tested all the links and they are working perfectly. But as you know rapidshare, megaupload, hotfile or mediafire type of shared servers delete files from time to time. So if you come up with a link that is down and you want that file desperately, you may post a comment in that article for that file. We will upload a valid link for that file ASAP. All the development tools are free from all sort of malicious content and working properly. So feel free to download.

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WordPress Template Programming – Part 3

0 Wordpress Template Programming   Part 3www.pixelforlife.com

In this lesson we quickly go through setting up a naked wordpress theme, for us to begin programming.
We start off by downloading Starkers WordPress theme, which can be found here:


Then we install it on our blog and enable it.

In the next lesson we actually touch the keyboard and make things happen.

Duration : 0:3:17

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WordPress Plugin Tutorial Make Money Blog Blogging Plugins Best Exit Popup

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