Changing Godaddy Domain Name Servers for WordPress Blog

0 Changing Godaddy Domain Name Servers for Wordpress Blog
by Diane Cossie

Owning your own WordPress Blog is just about the most important things you can do for your business and your brand online and with the recent changes in the rules on advertising on Google, followed by some You Tube accounts being closed down owning your own virtual REAL ESTATE is no longer an OPTION .. it is a MUST HAVE.

I have two main Blogs, one is my personal blog DianeCossie .COM and the other is this one Off Road MLM.

I self host both blogs with HOSTGATOR and that’s the bit where most people’s eyes glaze over and their next thought is usually “I have no clue how to do that” so they either outsource the project, use Blogger or Typepad to get around the problem or simply never start a blog of their own, so I thought I’d put together a series of “How To Set Up A WordPress Blog” and as a complete “non techie” myself you will see I do it the easiest way possible.

Step One :

Buy a Domain Name at Godaddy or your favourite “domain store” this will usually cost you less than $10.00 a year. Choose a DOT COM, DOT NET or DOT ORG as your first preference and if you are not using your own name, make sure you do some keyword research for a term in your niche because Google still ranks highly based on the domain name of your website. (See the Traffic Cipher Blog post for more on that).

Godaddy are going to put LOTS of choices your way between selecting your domain name and getting to the check out. Stay focused on what you went there to do which is to BUY A DOMAIN NAME for your blog.

Thet will offer alternatives if your domain name is taken, for example if JohnSmith.Com is taken, simply adding a pre-fix such as or may still be an option for you.

Step Two:

I can only share my experiences and how I do this process, this may cause laughter in some parts, but it just plain works and that is the only bit I am interested in right now .. just getting it going as fast as possible. So the next step is to choose a reliable self hosting platform and I chose the same one I saw lots of marketers using which is HOSTGATOR. At less than $10.00 per month I have found it great and as it has been over two year now I can confidently recommend it.

So now you have your DOMAIN NAME at GODADDY .. the next thing you need to do is to change the NAMESERVERS to your HOSTGATOR name servers as that is where you will host your WordPress Blog, your themes, plug ins and images and this is ALL there is to it ..

Step three:

Once you have bought your Domain name and your hosting and changed the nameservers you will need to ADD your DOMAIN NAME to your Hostgator account which is a really simple step by step procedure using the built in ADD ON DOMAIN feature in your Cpanel back office at Hostgator.

So now you have your blog domain name, your self hosting account set up and you have added your domain name to your Hostgator account, in part two of this series I will walk you through adding WORDPRESS to your new domain name and uploading the THESIS theme to you blog and begin to customize the new blog with a new header.

Be Inspired Today to Give It All You’ve Got!

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nukeSEO(tm) Dynamic HEAD Tag preview

0 nukeSEO(tm) Dynamic HEAD Tag previewnukeSEO generates HTML HEAD section tags (e.g title, META DESCRIPTION and META KEYWORDS) based on the content of a page, and allows overrides of these tags at multiple levels: site, module, category (e.g. forum category, news topic, download category), subcategory (e.g. forum), and content (e.g. forum topic, news story). The important SEO tags title, DESCRIPTION and KEYWORDS can be overridden on the page using a modal popup.

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What free programs and/or Plugins can I use to bring a load of traffic or readers to my WordPress Blog?

My blog link:
The feed:

I get very low traffic!
This website is great for web advertising. It’s a free targeted advertising (based on you selecting various categories you would like to be included in) and link exchange network. You put other websites text ads on your page and yours appears on others. And it really is 100% free, forever. While it’s not something that guarantees traffic it also doesn’t cost anything, so why not try it?

The same people behind that website also run a free blog review swap and exchange that is useful.

Good luck!

#003 – 15 FREE WordPress Plugins For Your Niche Site

0 #003   15 FREE Wordpress Plugins For Your Niche Site This is part 3 of Outsourcing Your Niche Site and inside this video I share with you 15 FREE WordPress plugins that will help you increase your traffic to your niche website.

For more videos and resources like this visit:

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Is there a blog program like WordPress MU with plugin Shopping Cart for the end users?

I am looking for a blogging type program like wordpress which has a shopping cart program for my users. I need it to handle multiple users like wordpress mu with shopping cart plug ins, each user account must look like a stand alone site (except for the e-ddress). We like WPMU, but we could use more options and would like to test out other programs before we commit.

Thank you,
This is an example of what we are looking for:

I suggest The Market Theme for WordPress. Its very cheap and very awesome for a store using WordPress. Very clean and easy and feature packed!

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I’m going to share with you the fifth of the five must have wordpress security plugins that I’ve learned and how to install and configure them inside your wordpress blog.

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0 WordPress Tutorial: Custom Page Templates in TwentyTen child themesWordPress expert Morten Rand-Hendriksen presents a tutorial demonstrating how to use conditional statements in the loop-page.php file to create custom page templates in TwentyTen child themes

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I have a complex and bizare WordPress issue I need help with. Can you help?

I’m new to programming and WordPress and so do not understand some of this. If you can help, please give step-by-step instructions.

I have a WordPress site hosted through I created the site theme and set up the site. It worked great for months. Then today I called GoDaddy to get a domain redirect URL and while I was waiting for the URL redirect to take effect I logged into the WordPress back-end to begin editing and updating the site. The computer I was on froze and had to be rebooted while I was logged in.

When the redirect finally took effect, the site is up but I cannot log in to my WordPress back end no matter what I do. I know my username and password to log in. It has worked for months, but now it does not work for either URL (the older one or the new URL redirect), and my e-mail address does not work when I tried to reset the password. So I’m stuck with a hosted WordPress website that I cannot edit or add to in any way since I can’t log in and can’t request a new password.

I have not tried calling GoDaddy yet to ask them to help me revert the site to a previous backed-up verson of the site, and then so I can try to log in to to that one and just start updating it again…because I was hoping I wouldn’t have to re-do everything. But it’s been almost a day now since the blocked back-end/wp admin page situation began and nobody seems to undertand the problem much less be able to offer suggestions on how to fix it.

Is there any way you could please help?

One thing that wasn’t clear is "What happens when you try to log in?"

Chances are, your redirect doesn’t match the Blog URL registered inside of WordPress and you’re being redirected in a loop.

IF that’s the case, your best bet is to use PHPMyAdmin or whatever Db editor GoDaddy offers. Find the OPTIONS table in your WordPress database and manually edit the BLOG URL columns with the correct domain information.

You haven’t lost anything unless GoDaddy screwed up the database. Contact me through my site if you need more help.

Day 84- 5 Must Have WordPress Security Plugins With Tutorial, Part

0 Day 84  5 Must Have Wordpress Security Plugins With Tutorial, Part Three.movIn this video post, I’m going to share with you the fourth of the five must have wordpress security plugins that I’ve learned and how to install and configure them inside your wordpress blog.

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