No Need For Hostgator Web Hosting With GVO: MUST SEE!

0 No Need For Hostgator Web Hosting With GVO: MUST SEE!

There is no need for hostgator web hosting or any other web hosting with GVO (Global Virtual Opportunities). With GVO, you will get fast and reliable web hosting for up to 4 domains that includes your own web host manager with a CPanel and Fantastico for WordPress. You also get an email autoresponder, your own video conference room, an easy video producer that allows you to place your videos in pre made lead capture pages, a blogger builder, a prospecting system, live daily training from professionals, and a compensation plan that pays up to 80% commissions. The best part is, you can try it for FREE for 14 Days risk free! And if you love it, which I know you will, it is only $9.97 a month!! Hostgator alone can cost just as much if not more per month.

Get your 14-Day FREE TRIAL today at
No credit card require, no contract, no risk!

OR feel free to email me at with any questions you have.

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X-Calculator Video V2.1

0 X Calculator Video V2.1 Nach release der X-Calculator Version 2.1 haben viele User diesen geladen.
Z-Blaster, was eigentlich als X-Calculator Spiele Bereich gedacht war, wurde nie fertig. Der Grund war das zu zeitaufwendige programmieren.
Und die virtuelle Account Verwaltung wurde weiterhin verbessert.

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Migrating A Massive Legacy CMS To WordPress Without Losing Your Mind

0 Migrating A Massive Legacy CMS To WordPress Without Losing Your MindThis video was originally recorded in March 2011.

Hey Honey, the server’s down again! That’s the phrase I hear all too often, because our home-grown ZENPRESS CMS (which I’ve been building since 1997) lives on top of an older engine that simply can’t handle a 13 years worth of data.

Last year, I decided to move to a more future-proof system. Because ZENPRESS has 53,238 articles encoded with our own custom editorial markup language and a boatload of custom features, I’ve been writing a Web framework and a series of plug-ins that move our custom ZENPRESS CMS feature stack into WordPress.

This presentation is the story of the first programming year of that migration, why I chose WordPress, some of the design principles that were set out, tricks and lessons I’ve learned, a tour of some of the cool plug-ins I’ve developed so far, and tips and hints for anyone else who might want to try migrating a large, custom system while still retaining some shred of sanity.

Special thanks to Mason James at WPMU Dev for filming this video.

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Amaniche 3.0 WordPress Plugin

0 Amaniche 3.0 Wordpress PluginDear Warriors,

We have updated my premium Amazon Worpdress plugin and if you might be looking for an Amazon plugin to make affiliate websites which will make you capital then you definately don’t have to glance any futher.

I realize that from a advertising stage of watch that I ought to listing the advantages…but I’m far more a tech guy and I’m confident you might see the probable of what this plugin does if I list the characteristics in its place.

So I am not heading to tell you the amount of money you may make, why Amazon is a fantastic cours on account of the upsells they do to suit your needs, the percent of commission which look reduced at 4% but following only a few profits it goes as much as 6% and it might go every one of the solution to 15% on kindle merchandise.

All that I’m not heading to tell you as I realize you’re currently mindful of it and I will depart the fancy salescopy for the official internet site for folks that are new to affiliate marketing online and Amazon.

Ok…..allow me to inform you regarding the characteristics of Amaniche 3.0


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Phuket International Boat Show 2010 (PIMEX)

0 Phuket International Boat Show 2010 (PIMEX)Marking the seventh year, Phuket Royal Marina will once again host PIMEX, the annual marina and lifestyle exhibition to be held from 7th to 10th January 2010.
for more info visit

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How to Write a WordPress Plugin – 101 Introduction

0 How to Write a WordPress Plugin   101 Introduction Welcome to this tutorial series on Writing a WordPress Plugin from King Solutions.

In the last few years the powerful open source WordPress software has become very popular, not just for basic blogs but for full blown web environments. This has been made possible to a large part by the extensibility provided by the WordPress Plugin API interface.

In this series we’ll take a look at exactly what it takes to build plugins for WordPress.

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Simple Google Maps Plugin for WordPress

0 Simple Google Maps Plugin for WordPressSimpleMap is the most advanced, most customizable and the most actively updated Google Maps plugin for WordPress. SimpleMap’s primary goal is to simplify the Google Map experience within WordPress for site administrators, visitors, and developers alike.

SimpleMap’s General Options page, shortcode API, and custom import / export feature gives the site administrator unrepresented control over the display and functionality of Google Maps on their WordPress powered web site.

As a site administrator, you can modify an array of options and default setting including but not limited to the map location, search radius, map type, and map size.

Our shortcode interface allows you to overide default setting for single maps, modify the search box properties, and control advanced features.

The import / export system within SimpleMap allows administrators to quickly and intuitively add multiple locations to the database at once by updating a CSV file. Our CSV format is extremely flexible, allowing you to import almost any existing CSV while mapping only the data you need for your locations. We even allow you to create location categories and tags on the fly by simply including them in your CSV file.

Exporting your data is as simple as clicking a single button. Your data will always be yours for the keeping. As an added bonus, SimpleMap’s location data and general options are included in all core WordPress exports.

Of course, adding locations manually is easy as well. Using WordPress’ build in API for custom post types and taxonomies, administrators will find the user interface both familiar and intuitive. Simply provide as much of the information as you have available and SimpleMap will do the rest for you. If Google’s map API doesn’t pinpoint your location correctly, use our draggable fine tuning widget to perfect your location’s position on the map.

Visitors to your WordPress site will experience an uneventful and satisfying interaction with your maps due to our intuitive interface, our adherence to web standards, and our clear communication at each point in their search.

Site visitors have complete control over the search fields that you have provided them from within the main search form or through the available widget. Browsing the results is simple and visitors have access to all the location data via on-map dialogues as well as a detailed list.

If your visitors are looking for directions to your location, we’ve provided that as well. Their start point is auto-generated by your map’s default start position or the location they provided within the search form.

SimpleMap offers even greater flexibility to developers familiar with PHP, WordPress hooks, and Javascript. Our code is immaculately presented and follows the WordPress coding guidelines to make it easy to navigate. A large portion of the code is accessible to the developer without modifying core pluign files through the use of WordPress filters and actions. This includes but is not limited to search forms, HTML elements, and MySQL queries.

If the developer is familiar with the Google Maps API or able to follow directions, further customization of location markers is also available.

Additionally, SimpleMap provides CSS designers the ability to include their own SimpleMap themes that automatically get presented as additional options in the dashboard interface. These developer features all contribute to making SimpleMap the most advanced and configurable mapping plugin for WordPress.

Although the forums are an excellent location to report bugs, and to ask simple questions, you will be happy to know that SimpleMap also provides a Premium Support contract.

We’re extremely proud about the way we implemented this service, allowing you to sign up with one click. After paying via PayPal, you will be redirected back to the premium support page inside your WordPress installation and find that you’ve instantly been given access to our premium support forums.

Our premium support forums grant you privileged access to the SimpleMap team as well as a growing Knowledge Base.

In addition to forum access, your premium support status will grant you advance access to new SimpleMap features. While all of these features will eventually hit the version of SimpleMap, premium support subscribers will average about a 6 month head start.

Upgrading SimpleMap to gain access to these advance features is as easy and familiar as updating any other WordPress plugin. Once you’ve made your payment via paypal, simply look for the upgrade notice in your WordPress dashboard and initiate the upgrade from there. It’s that simple.

So, whether you’re looking to simplify life for your site visitors, administrators, or developers, SimpleMap is the key to your success. Find us by using the keyword ‘SimpleMap’ in the plugin directory or from within your WordPress admin.

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WordPress Thesis Theme Review – Almost Perfect, Blogging Made Easy

0 WordPress Thesis Theme Review   Almost Perfect, Blogging Made Easy
Think about a website that is straightforward to build, simple to maintain and you are able to do a lot of custom remaking without coping with so many codes. Have you ever gone thru the lengthy process of making pages in html or other web programming language without help and ended up exasperated because it doesn’t work the way you need your page to be?

WordPress Thesis Theme Review – The simple way to Have More Control on Your WordPress Internet site with out a Programmer

Attention : freelancers and home business owners. You simply want a plain web site that you can easily customize and still look pro with no need to go through the discomfort of learning web programming. Content management systems like WordPress are the easiest way to do it. To better manage your WordPress site, DIY Themes has made a dynamic WordPress theme called Thesis.

The WordPress Thesis Theme was released by its maker Chris Pearson a touch more than 2 years back and since that point ; it has turned out to be the hottest top spec WordPress theme and has become the backbone for the sites of successful online marketing master as well as well- connected and popular folk.

For More Information about WordPress Postulation Theme, Check our Site

Exclusive WordPress Postulation Theme Bonus

Get WordPress Postulation Theme from us using @ and you can choose ONE of the bonuses from Fast Web Formula two Speaker Videos found in the Bonus Page to get tips and systems from real experts in online marketing.

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Social Media, Article Directories and Blogs: Must Haves for SEO

When it comes search engines, google is still the king, and they are doing everything they can to maintain their lead,   in the hope of offering it’s search users better results, according to their official blog, this change impacts 11.8% organic search results, in plain English, google thinks about 12% of it’s search results are really bad and need to manipulated. Google started this change almost one year ago, and recently I see some of my ranks were lowered considerably, the good thing is that those keywords promoted by content rich links are not affected, a few of these keywords ranked better than ever, it becomes clear that linking campaign the old way is the thing of past, probably due to link spamming sites being thrown away by google.

Now what on earth is plain link building and how do people do it? There are a lot of SEO company out there are doing this, they put your links on websites which only exist for holding links, these websites will only be updated when new links are being added, almost all of them are garbage, the name of link spamming sites is justified. The latest google update will definitely downgrade most if not all of these sites, all the links on those websites will have the same fate.  

Maybe a few examples will make it clear. In the very beginning, I didn’t know better, I started promote the keyword, Eye Nut, of course with old way of link building, lately I figured that every site in the campaign had way too many links, worst yet, those sites had no content at all. I would give credit where credit is due, this linking strategy worked, lately the keyword link stayed on the first page for a while, this was the case until google made the change. Now let’s look at another keyword, chain puller , we promoted this keyword with articles and blog posts, with very few plain links, the rank for this keyword is making me real happy. Old and outdated linking campaign lost to content linking, what’s next? In fact the only thing matters here is content, when you create unique and quality content, not only people will love to read your stuff, so do the search engines. It’s never too late to build good blogs for business purpose, take a look at this blog, best smartphone , I build it as a hobby and kept adding good or mediocre content, you probably think this site won’t rank a all, much to my surprise that the site actually ranks for quite a few keywords. As we can see, quality article marketing is much better than plain link building. If you can build a group of your own blogs, something like binder chain, you will have the power to push any sites up in search engines.

Bottom line is that you should create great content, publish and share with people, in the mean time advertise your business with your content, as long as you don’t stop doing this, you will win over customers and search engines. Whatever you do, you will need persistence and patience, nothing will automatically improve overnight, i.e., selling online or improve your search rankings, let’s keep building and maintaining our blogs until end of the day. When publisinh articles, I prefer ezine, google will index a new article on ezine promptly, popular blogs will get your post indexed as soon as you post it, here I am going to show you an article in article directory or on a blog, let’s look at this one, rigging blocks , quality content, nice presentation, indexed by google, this article is a good example of article marketing. 

We’re not finished yet, please remeber, if you don’t take social media account, you’re lost. For wordpress blogs, I recommend twitter tools, then go ahead register a new twitter account and app, link your blog to twitter, you should choose to post a tweet for every new post, it’s simple and elegant, if you don’t use this tool it’s just too bad.

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