Finding a Perfect Match for Janet – Her Personal Plea

0 Finding a Perfect Match for Janet   Her Personal PleaHer own plea. She doesn’t have much time left. You could be her match. We have only 2 months to find her one.

Here are some helpful resources to register:

Follow Janet on Facebook & “like” her page to keep updated with her!

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Fox 5 & 25 commercials (June 1992) (Volume 52)

0 Fox 5 & 25 commercials (June 1992) (Volume 52)I’ve made commercial videos in the past, but this is the official installment of my commercial volumes. I’ll take you through the journey of 90s commercials from 1991-1996. All from my personal collection. Here we go.

Here are a string of commercials that aired on Fox 25 & 5 in June ’92:

1. Pepsi (with Cindy Crawford promoting the “Gotta Have It” card)
2. “Batman Returns” for Atari Lynx
3. Promo for “Studs”
4. Promo for “Down The Shore” (I do not remember this show. I’d bet it didn’t last long tho.)
5. Nationwide Warehouse (haha…how many times did he had to say “NATIONWIDE WAREHOUSE”?)
6. Alexander’s (I’d bet by the time you saw this commercial and went down there, all the good stuff are already gone.)
7. GSC (Weider Flex Fire)
8. Promo for “Melrose Place”
9. “Taking Charge” PSA (Stay In School)
10. Fox 5 Newsteam
11. Promo for the “Fox Summer Season”
12. Home Depot
13. Action Park (that looks like fun)
14. Earl Scheib (great jingle)
15. Footlocker (Promoting the Reebok “Preseason” shoes)
16. Promo for “Tracks of Glory”
17. Promo for “In Living Color” and “Married…With Children”

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How to Display a Member-Only Graphic on a Wishlist Member WordPress Website

0 How to Display a Member Only Graphic on a Wishlist Member Wordpress Website – In this tutorial, Betty Walker – the Wise Web Lady – explains how you can display a member-only content graphic on posts through custom programming and use of the Wishlist Member API.

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WordPress Blog Design

WordPress blog software is presently the most popular blog authoring Web application and arguably the most prolific. Being open source, the coding is open for developers and hackers to improve and customize for their own needs. When you hire us, you pay for the WordPress design and not the application. Unless you need custom PHP programming, you pay nothing for the software. WordPress is free though the purpose of “open source” is collaboration and supporting the programmer developers and its community is advised.

Like the Internet itself, blogs are another example of the collaborative nature of the Web. Basically speaking, an article (POST) is written which starts a threaded discussion (COMMENTS) that is usually written in response to the original article. The topic can be anything that fancies the author, who is usually the editor and Administrator of the blog with full permissions to assign different levels of control to various users. The permissions based framework allows Editors, Authors, Contributors and Subscribers to work in collaboration with each in order to maintain an active WordPress blog.

Written in PHP, it’s dynamically driven using MySQL as its primary database. The blog’s content is stored in a database and retrieved by the PHP scripts to display as required on the Web pages. There is no special programming knowledge needed to add new content. A WYSIWYG editor is built into the administrative interface that resembles a word processor, so you can style the text without HTML experience.

The User Interface Design of WordPress can be designed to resemble a traditional Website without any clue to the visitor that beneath the beautiful design is a powerful Web application. Recent WordPress designs that were created for our clientele include the following:

101  320x240 bed and breakfast web design Wordpress Blog Design

105  320x240 bookstore web design Wordpress Blog Design

108  320x240 communication company website Wordpress Blog Design

109  320x240 community portal design Wordpress Blog Design

David Radovanovic

Is there a program like wordpress to create a business website instead of a blog?

I have been using wordpress but it is best used for a blog instead of a website (the author/time/date on all posts and other things) and I was wondering if there was other platforms that are similar.

Yes there are several other open source CMS but in your case I would suggest to use Joomla CMS.
Wordpress was originally developed for blogging and later community is contributed to develop other plugins to let the user make their websites other than blogs but still its a blogging platform.

While Joomla has big potential and you can add/edit/format and publish everything with ease. Very large developer community support and wide range of extentions is a big plus and using Joomla you can create Corporate, eCommerce, News and any sort of website whatever you like.

Joomla has many options to publish an article with or without author name/date/time and you have full control so use Joomla and publish anything in any style whatever you want. Enjoy!

Drupal is also has potential but its very hard to administor the website.