Memorial Day Tribute 2012 – The Field

0 Memorial Day Tribute 2012   The FieldMason Jennings is far and away my favorite musician and without a doubt the best kept secret in the music industry today. The Field was on his album “Blood of Man” and the lyrics have haunted me from the minute I heard them the first time. This memorial music video is in honor of all the men and women who have fought for our freedom as well as the innocent victims of war.

As a father and educator, the desensitized view on war stemming from video games, some videos on youtube, and even some media outlets frightens me. We must get veterans in our schools to share the truth about what war is really like and the devastating effects it has on the troops fighting and those witnessing the destruction. I don’t think anyone in their right mind wants war. However, some people in this world will never accept a country where freedom is a right and everyone has the opportunity to be as successful as they choose to be. To protect Life, Liberty, and Happiness unfortunately war has to be a result in some situations.

I own none of the pictures, videos or music used in the making of this memorial video but am protected under Section 107 of the US Copyright Law on Fair Use. Thank you to those who captured these images and to Mason Jennings for his music.

A special thank you to all of my family members and friends who have fought for our freedom especially my grandfathers who fought in WWII… Grandpa Dick Teckenburg in the Marines and Grandpa James Journy in the Navy.

Some of the music, videos, and images were retrieved from the following sites:

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swLondon sunday pitches

0 swLondon sunday pitchesStartup Weekend London Sunday pitches. 9th – 11th September 2011
Ravensbourne College, London

:: Listing of Pitches ::

Trade Font — analysing current trends affecting stock market while you sleep
Lunch on Wheels — lunch deliveries to business parks from local restaurants
Portal entertainment — week long suspense thriller, involving iPad app, videos, live physical involvement in the story
TaxiApp — easy taxi booking system for UK giving users different choices of taxi firms with prices and waiting times – app counting your waiting time, e.g. Girlfriend shopping, boyfriend being late, and allows you to exchange accumulated waiting time to real prizes
PartyWithALocal — website and iPhone app allowing you to find local people to meet up/party with
Rate that curry — rating curry houses — ways of showing what you love
GetChap — a way to arrange informal meet ups with your friends at short notice
DeedStars — a way of publicising good deeds
LifeGadget — system monitoring your body and health
PopupDeals — instant location-based deals app — crowd-sourced note taking
Social stadiums — app allowing football fans to share their experience online, order food and drinks and buy merchandise
DatesOut — local fun dating experience
Playqpid — app for matching strangers for dates — the online food market — free betting between friends
PitchSpring — network for investors
Invizua — market intelligence for digital agencies
Decomio — social furniture buying
Rooomie — sharing bills among flatmates — platform allowing users to choose trends for the next season, they vote on products and get discounts/vouchers in exchange
Unemail — filtering email system
Baby Birch Box — monthly subscription for pregnant women and young mothers, delivering useful articles, news, tips as well as product relevant for the baby’s age
Link-a-group — platform allowing groups to find time when they are all available to meet
Event Knode (Pitch 29, 3h 51m 52s) — event registration system with incorporated face recognition to speed up sign-ins at events

Thanks for the 1 line description of the 29 ptiches. Full review of the weekend here:—ravensbourne-college/

Thanks to Silverline Media for the video :

Startup Weekend is an intense 54 hour event which focuses on building a web or mobile application which could form the basis of a credible business over the course of a weekend. The weekend brings together people with different skillsets – primarily software developers, graphics designers and business people – to build applications and develop a commercial case around them.

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GIVEAWAY: Summer Bucket List ($50 in prizes)

0 GIVEAWAY: Summer Bucket List ($50 in prizes)What’s on your Summer 2012 bucket list? Let me know for a chance to win!


1. MUST be a subscriber to his channel
2. Leave a comment detailing your sumer plans/items on your summer bucket list
3. This is an international contest so you must have a valid shipping address
4. Must have parental permission to enter if under the age of 18
5. Do NOT comment more than once a day but feel free to comment once everyday to increase your chances of winning

GIVEAWAY CLOSES ON JULY 17th, 2012! I will be selecting the winner through and with announce the username in an upcoming video!
Thank you for all your support icon smile GIVEAWAY: Summer Bucket List ($50 in prizes)

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Stupid Mix Tricks – with John Merchant 2 of 3

0 Stupid Mix Tricks   with John Merchant 2 of 3Multi-Platinum’s Stupid Mix Tricks is not another dry, technical, instructional video. Rather, it’s full of off-center, unusual, even just plain “stupid” tips, tricks, and techniques.

No small part of what engineers do is finding new and innovative ways to manipulate sounds. If you give your audience the same thing every time, they’ll likely become bored. Applying some of these techniques to your sessions can inspire your artists, producers, even your audience and bring a new spark of creative energy to your production.

Learn more at

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Interview with A Fine Frenzy – writing, social projects, fashion

0 Interview with A Fine Frenzy   writing, social projects, fashionInterview with A Fine Frenzy – writing, social projects, fashion.
Alison talks about her book and her play. She also talks about possible future acting career. The singer also talks about a must have. Enjoy!


A site about A Fine Frenzy’s discography:

A Fine Frenzy Web:

Petition for a studio version of Ride-Goldrush:

A Fine Frenzy Fan Page!/AFineFrenzyFanpage

A Fine Frenzy Portugal:

A Fine Frenzy Brasil

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iOS Programming Tutorial: Face Detection with CIDetector

0 iOS Programming Tutorial: Face Detection with CIDetectorI will talk you through this interesting and original tutorial on how to do Face Detection. Note this is not the same as facial recognition…

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Whats up guys thanks for watching my video. Of course, you can subscribe and comment and like but now you can also check out my three different blogs! Links down below.

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Watch How To Make Money Blogging – Make Money Blogging

0 Watch How To Make Money Blogging   Make Money Blogging

In this video, I share with you a glimpse of what’s to come upon learning how to make money blogging. Its fairly simple to implement. All you have to do first is to take action and click the link above. Upon clicking this link you will get a more detailed video that will explain to you how you can start to make money blogging 2012 using this viral blogging platform system. You will begin to earn 100% commissions on everything you personally have. That is how the system is set up! You’ll earn the most commissions if you just get it all! Hot Tips For A Cool Summer! We’ve got tips and apps to help you save money, cut energy costs, and continue to protect your health while still enjoying the summer. Want to keep up-to-date? Subscribe to our Sightseer Newsletter. Read the Google Lat Long Blog. Blogging the Qur’an; Counterterrorism Blog; Flag911; Jihad Watch; Masih TV; MEMRI TV; Michael Yon; NEFA Foundation; Zombie; Audio podcasters. How to Make a Payment Find out how to pay and what to do if you can’t pay now. Blog Profits Blueprint and Blog Mastermind System are a solid course and mentoring program that teach you how to make money with a blog. Not realizing how to make money with blog. You have to know that there are a lot of different ways to make money by blogging. Mainly, I will be sharing some must have wordpress plugins that can help anyone who is starting a blog or already has one. best wordpress plugins 2010. Charles Forster. Engage! columnist Charles Forster picks 7 essential WordPress Plugins to step up your SEO efforts. Continue Reading ยป Engage! howto instructions tutorial.

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Top 5 WordPress Plugins and How to Use Them

0 Top 5 Wordpress Plugins and How to Use Them – In this video, Danny James runs through his top 5 WordPress plugins and how they can be used to optimise and run a better WordPress website.

If you have any plugins you prefer or recommend then please leave a comment.

Contact us today on 01254 267 360 to get a free SEO quote or visit our office, located at Weblinx Ltd, Blackburn Technology Management Centre, Challenge Way, Blackburn, Lancashire, BB1 5QB.

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