WP Promo Tools Plugin Demo Video

0 WP Promo Tools Plugin Demo Videohttp://thedutchmarketer.com/wp-promo-tools-and-upsell-pages-plugins/

WP Promo Tools and WP Instant Upsell Plugin Are Released

Wp promo tools and Wp instant upsell page creating plugins are created by the team of WordPress for Marketers. They have made another set of great plugins who will be huge time savers, and not only that but they work amazingly and are simple to use.

Mark Hess and co creator Matt Mood have done it again by delivering some top notch products for all marketers who are creating and selling products. From themselves with WP Promo Tools and others with Wp Instant Upsell.

Read the text from the sales page below and watch the Video’s. Then get the offer for a give away price. http://thedutchmarketer.com/wp-promo-tools-and-upsell-pages-plugins/

WP Instant Upsell Plugin is complementary for the Wp Promo Tools plugin

To Complete your sales pages you should get the WP Instant Upsell Plugin. This will allow you to create upsell offers (pages) to any link for a product or offer of your choice. You will get high converting sales pages once your customers went through the first offer you made with the WP Promo Tools Plugin.

So to create stunning sales and upsell pages om any WP theme You first have to get the WP Promo Tools Plugin then come back to this page and get the WP Instant Upsell Plugin. The Prices are extremely low for the quality which you get delivered.

Get your Copy’s while the offer lasts. The prices will be rising because these are dime sale offers. So the price goes up every few sales. But these are must have products for your sales arsenal. You will see your sales going up for sure by using these plugins.

Created by Mark Hess and Matt Mood, two Internet Veterans who already have some great products on their name. This is a must have for every marketer who takes his/her business seriously.
First Step:

Second Step:

Third Step:
Get those Sales coming in and keep an eye on your bank account icon smile WP Promo Tools Plugin Demo Video

Have fun with the plugins and save time and money by using them.

Frank van Zon – The Dutch Marketer – Internet Marketing Tips
Ps You will get my TDM Traffic plugin as a bonus with The Wp Promo Tools Offer

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PopUpDomination Walk Though Tutorial – www.GetPopUpDomination.com

0 PopUpDomination Walk Though Tutorial   www.GetPopUpDomination.comhttp://www.GetpopUpDomination.com This is a quick tutorial on how to use the PopUpDomination plugin for your world press theme. This could also be considered a popupdomination review.

To get your custom ebook cover go to http://www.dereckarreguin.com/advanced-popup-lightbox-tutorial/ and read all about it.

I strongly recommend this for anyone who is looking to build a real asset for their business by building a list online.

However, you must have a wordpress blog in order to use it via the how to video. But, you can also use the free and clear version and simply use the instructions provided by the software team.

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100 wordpress plugins

0 100 wordpress pluginsAre you overwhelmed with the thousands of WordPress plugins out there? Do you want to just cut to the chase and know what the most recommended and useful WP plugins are and where to get them? Stop wasting your time! I have created this guide that lists the top 100 must have plugins, with links to get them!….http://fiverr.com/gswriting/show-you-the-top-100-must-have-plugins-to-turn-your-wordpress-blog-into-a-mean-machine-today

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Review Theme for WordPress Helping to Get More Affiliate Income

0 Review Theme for Wordpress Helping to Get More Affiliate IncomeReview Theme for WordPress demo and testing:http://wpbay.net/product-review-theme

As you can see this premium WordPress review theme lets us to build review websites that converts extremely well. The great advantage of this review theme is that it enables to create comparison charts, so users can easily decide which product is the best for them.

Beside the must have features that are need for a review website, this WordPress review theme comes with many extras such as built in affiliate link cloaking and opt-in box. On top of that, the whole theme is incredibly search engine friendly. Though, it is not hard to find a review theme for WordPress, this theme offers the more options. Though, it is named as WordPress product review theme, but it is also perfect for reviewing services.

Best Features of this WordPress review Theme

- Color system for negative, positive and neutral reviews.
- Powerful Ranking Box
- Built in opt-in solutions
- The only WordPress review theme that comes with integrated affiliate link cloaking.
- Reviews can be added by members, too.

You can check out all the features here:http://wpbay.net/product-review-theme

All in all if you want earn more from affiliate marketing, this review theme for WordPress is a perfect solution if you want to build a niche or a multiply review site, too.

You can find more WordPress review themes here: http://wpbay.net/wordpress-affiliate-marketing/wordpress-review-themes/

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Debugging for WordPress Developers #wcmtl2012

0 Debugging for WordPress Developers #wcmtl2012WordCamp Montréal, Aug. 19, 2012 – Techniques, tools, and examples on how to debug WordPress development issues. Mo Jangda wrangles code and VIPs at WordPress.com / Automattic.

Source: http://2012.montreal.wordcamp.org/
Speaker: Mo Jangda (http://twitter.com/mjangda)
A video presented by Savoir-faire Linux (http://www.twitter.com/sflinux)

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SEO Pressor WordPress Plugin | What is SEO Pressor?

0 SEO Pressor Wordpress Plugin | What is SEO Pressor?http://myivyenterprise.com/MarketingSeoOpt.html

Hundreds of bloggers are already dominating their niches with this PLUGIN, right this second & comfortably using this plugin to rise to the top of their game and dominating over their competitors!

See This Amazing WP Plugin In Action


The Only Plugin you’ll ever need to get your blog Ranked on the 1st page of Google…


EO Pressor Review | 3 article reviews on page 1 of Google in 30 minutes using SEOPressor

How To Use SEO Pressor WordPress Plugin- On Page SEO Vid2

How to use seo pressor WordPress seo plugin. See our channel for further wordpress tutorials. For individual help www.fruitfulonline.com.au

SEOPressor Plugin: SEOPressor Plugin To Build Your Blog

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How to improve wordpress SEO with SEO Pressor

To check out SEO Pressor head over to bit.ly This seo tutorial by onlinemarketingchamp.com is about How to improve wordpress SEO with SEO Pressor

Automatic Seo Automatic Bolding Automatic Seo Expert By Your Side Automatic On Page Step By …

SEO Pressor is a premium WordPress plugin that propels your on page SEO efforts to the next level getting you more free …

The SEO Pressor paid for plugin for WordPress allows the user to rate their keywords within their blog post prior to publishing it …

Video showing how I use the SEO Pressor WordPress Plugin to get better results in the search engines

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Olvidate de Cursos de Posicionamiento Natural SEO

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SEO Pressor – WordPress SEO Plugin

By far the SEO pressor plugin is the best wordpress plugin I’ve come across. It’s fast, easy super simple and quick. Most of post before …

Seopressor is the best WordPress SEO plugin ever

www.youtube.com – check out this great video which tells you all about seopressor. I use this plugin on all my blogs; follow the link above and …

SEO Pressor WordPress Plugin Basics with Galen

A must have Word Press Plugin if your serious about SEO Optimization. Galen at the Social Media Tec’s Learning Center covers the basics of the SEO …

Get the SEO Pressor Plugin for free with the Empower Network!

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SEO Pressor – WordPress SEO Plugin – Search Optimization SEO

The most important thing that SEO Pressor teaches you is that every article has to target a long tail keyword! This is something …

WordPress Tutorial Simple WordPress Seo Plugin

wpsites.net WordPress Tutorial Simple WordPress Seo Plugin Tops Google In 5 Days

SEO PRESSOR PlugIn REVIEW , Joplin Tornado and Missouri River flood 2011

While browsing on how to make my SEO benefit I ranacross thisgreat Plug.you should give ita look.A …

Get on the early bird list so you do not Miss out on the super SEO Business Box offers. Revealed at getseobusinessbox.com, Find out how you …

Setting up and Managing Your Blog 2) Social Media strategies 3) SEO 4) Personal Branding 5 …

SEO Tips and Software
Seopressor WordPress Plugin | Seopressor Is The Best WordPress Plugin Ever
Seopressor is the best WordPress SEO plugin ever
Seopressor is my favourite plugin for WordPress SEO

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What programming language or application software should I use to create a simple website?

I was thinking PHP but looks like that will be complex.
Other options: modify wordpress.com ; use HTML with dreamweaver/CSS

Any other suggestions?

I just need this to display some items with details on the main home page with link to contact the seller

A simple website doesn’t really need programming. WordPress isn’t bad but if your a newbie I suggest dreamweaver, it will do basically all your html and css for you. You can download a trial for free. Should give you enough time to create your site.

Contest!! {CLOSED}

0 Contest!! {CLOSED}___________________{READ}__________________________

Hey guys! So if you’ve ever once in your life read my channel description, I said that I would do a contest when I reached 100 subscribers. Little did I know that I wouldn’t have much to give as prizes (meaning bunny, sweepstakes, etc.). So if you’re not interested in any of the prizes, you can do the contest for fun! icon biggrin Contest!! {CLOSED} D

1. Must be 1:00-5:00
2. Must have “AguaBenditaRox Contest Entry” in the title. (Or just AguaBenditaRox)
3. Must be a video response
4. Must be subscribed
5. No copying

Good luck! Thank you so much for the 100 subscribers! And have fun!!

My Twitter https://twitter.com/#!/AriannaRockStar
My blog http://theworldofcupcakes.wordpress.com/

YouTube let me add audio. icon smile Contest!! {CLOSED}

If you read all the way to here, say “Cupcakes rawk” in the comments. Haha icon biggrin Contest!! {CLOSED} D

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