What kind of program are sites like homestead.com and the online practice using?

I want to be able to offer my clients the ease of being able to go online from anywhere and update their website with ease. Is there a program like this out there and if so what is it called and where can i get my hands on it. I have been looking at CMS but they are too complicated.

Homestead uses their own proprietary program which is built in Java (and by the way, it is horrible! Chucks out completely unnecessary JavaScript to display even the simplest bit of content.) I don’t know if anything like this exists for off-the-shelf use. I think you may have to persist with a CMS.

WordPress isn’t just blogging software – it can act as a CMS too & would be worth getting to know – once you’ve got to grips with it, it will save you and clients lot of time & make you more money!

Or you could build your own CMS in the programming language of your choice which you then adapt for each client?


Backup Creator – An easy way to backup wordpress

0 Backup Creator   An easy way to backup wordpresshttp://www.jasonbakerwebcosultant.com/go/backupcreator – Need to clone a site? Need to have backups in the event of a hacker hacking your site? This is the plugin to get! No techie stuff what so ever! Upload, activate, authorize and restore! Backing up your wordpress site is just as simple upload, activate, authorize, set your settings up(ftp, email, download, Amazon S3) and click Backup Now!

This wordpress plugin is so essential to any web based professionals armory because you dont need to know how to set up databases, deal with phpmyadmin and so on… It is all taken care of for you! If you get the developer license there is so much more you can do with this plugin as well. Not only do they offer extremely valuable training but they allow you to give the plugin to the customer if you flip the site. They allow you to install it on clients sites as a value added service and more. – http://youtu.be/z3E4LTnL4x8

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How download my wordpress blog to my computer?

Is there a way to download my wordpress blog so i can sell it with all the files, images, posts etc? I know what your thinking ..just transfer it. But i have a niche blog and want to sell more than once.

1) Download Filezilla program.
2) Connect to your ftp and download wp-content files.
3) Then download your database via phpmyadmin.

Or use backup via cpanel.

Sorry for my english. But i think you must understand.

Meg Myers – Monster

0 Meg Myers   MonsterFor a free MP3 of “Monster” visit http://meginthedark.com to download Meg Myers – Daughter In The Choir EP – free

http://meginthedark.com | @meginthedark |http://meginthedark.tumblr.com



video directed by A.P. Fischer: http://abrampineda.com

music by Meg Myers & Doctor Rosen Rosen: http://doctorrosenrosen.com

special thanks to Ken Oak (cello): http://oakandgorski.wordpress.com


I got to know that your heart beats fast and
I got to know I’m the only one for you
What have I become?
I’m a monster
When all I wanted was something beautiful

My love too much
Your love not enough
My love too much
Your love…

Oh, what it takes out of me to lay by your side
Oh, how it aches and it aches You make me wanna die
I gotta kill you, my love I gotta kill you, my love
Oh, what it takes out of me to lay by your side

You said forever Now you look right through me
You said forever Did your words fall short like you
What have I done?
I’m a monster
When all I wanted was something beautiful

My love too much
Your love not enough
My love too much
Your love…

Oh, what it takes out of me to lay by your side
Oh, how it aches and it aches You make me wanna die
I gotta kill you, my love I gotta kill you, my love
Oh, what it takes out of me to lay by your side

My love too much
Your love not enough
My love too much
Your love…

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Why is my title not showing up on my home page for one of more posts on wordpress?

On my home page on wordpress one of my posts’ title is not showing up. In the dashboard it has a title but in the live view there is no title. How do I get this title to show up on my actual home page so people can see it?

If other titles show for other posts and not just this one…it could be a few things.

1) Perhaps the title has some strange character…try changing the title to see if anything changes.
2) It could be you have SEO software, such as All in One or some other program…make sure the title is filled in there
3) It may you have a particular theme that effects the title…this would mainly be affecting your main page.

Lastly, you may wish to just recreate the post and see if that works.

EP5 – “Form Plugins” – WPwatercooler — October 22 2012

0 EP5   Form Plugins   WPwatercooler    October 22 2012On today’s show we talk about Form Plugins and we later get into ethics.

Chris Lema – http://chrislema.com
Dave Jesch – http://DaveJesch.com
Jeff Hester – http://Jeffhester.net
Linda Sherman – http://KauaiMarketing.com
Se Reed – http://SeReedMedia.com
Steve Zehngut – http://Zeek.com http://OCWP.com
Verious Smith III – http://philoveracity.com/
Jason Tucker – http://tucker.pro

Forms Plugins –

GravityForms we missed Lucy
Se uses Contact Form 7 on her clients sites mainly because it’s free
Jeff uses Gravity Forms
Chris says its $39 for a personal license, Formidable Lite is Free
Linda talks about Gravity Forms and licensing
Se wants her clients to be self sufficient and Contact Form 7 fills that need.
Why do we all not like Contact Form 7?
Se likes it and uses it daily.
Verious and Linda like it
Jeff doesn’t hate Contact Form 7
Chris mentions that it Contact Form 7 does store the data in the DB.
Se doesn’t mind this for her starter clients.
Chris “wants that data”
Dave says he knows of a plugin to add this functionality
Verious talks about WP-CRM to create forms
Se has used Gravity Forms for a quoting system
Steve mentions that you can use Gravity Forms for their clients.
Se cant use her developer license due to ethics issues for one of her clients
Who lets the dogs out?
Chris talks about how requirement lists helps you determine what form solution to use.
Steve says its worth $39 is way worth his time.
Se says that CF7 is good enough for her
Se’s love is free
Steve say at some point you are going to hit a cap with a plugin that is limiting.
Se loves the beauty of WordPress and to use various plugins to pull off solutions.
Chris also likes Formidable Pro is cheaper for Dev license.
Chris says that Formidable Pro and Gravity Forms works fine for creating a post.
For creating a post in a custom post type you need an addon for GF, Formidable Pro does this automatically.
To edit a form someone has already used you need to jump through some hoops to make that happen with Gravity Forms.
Verious talks about BreezyForms, he hasn’t used it yet extensively but it looks promising.
Linda says that going with the critical mass you get more extensible functionality
Jason mentions Jetpack forms, no one has used it.
Jason talks about Gravity Forms tying into his FreshBooks using an addon.

The group talks about Bill Erickson’s CRM theme, it didn’t use Gravity Forms like we thought initially.

Ethics –

Se talks about Ethics and plugins. Do you pay / donate your plugin authors.
How much do people donate? $5, $10, 50? Chris donates $25 to $50
Steve takes into consideration how much time it’s saving him and then donates accordingly.
Se asks about if everyone discloses that a plugin is being used.
Steve states that having the right plugin is worth more so he charges more for the benefit of getting a product to market faster.
Linda always mentions that uses using plugins or premium plugins.
She advises that she tells clients that premium themes and plugins are being used.
Chris states that when you are selling a product using a plugin he’ll either incur the cost or for some specific clients he has them pay for the licensing on their own.
Steve adds to this that he wants his clients to own their own stuff in case something changes in the relationship and he wont be caught in the middle.
Hosting is also something they should be paying for themselves.
Linda thinks they should or could by it later.
Steve would rather not have any ties.
Se talks about modifying themes
Jason says that you shouldn’t modify a plugin
Se is building themes form scratch
Jason says that she just shouldn’t hand code forms
Se does a show and tell of toys
Linda brings it back around and talks about a client that she made a reservation form for a local taxi company.
Chris talks about http://ChrisLema.com and using twilio text messaging addon with Gravity Forms.
Chris mentions multipage forms.
Jason talks about Polls in Gravity Forms
Verious has done some things with Cart66 and Gravity Forms
Future WPwatercooler we’ll talk about E-commerce plugins.
Making fun of Dave using Windows and Unix
Playing CDs from a command line
Mounting CDs
Jeff Hester talks about some basic things for GF – Validation is pretty great
Verious loves the conditionals
Se loves how insanely easy to use
Jason talks about an addon to Gravity Forms that Yoast. It’s made of awesome and rainbows.

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Lead Rocket Review By Anthony Aires – Get $3,591 In Bonuses With Lead Rocket

0 Lead Rocket Review By Anthony Aires   Get $3,591 In Bonuses With Lead Rockethttp://www.warriorplus.com/w/a/rdyfk

Lead Rocket Review – Lead Rocket Plugin Makes Those Hot New Squeeze Pages The Big Guys Use! Pushbutton Easy In Minutes!

Lead Rocket Is LIVE Go Now To Get $3,591 In Bonuses!
These are NEW Lead Getting Squeeze Pages all the pro’s are using!
SPECIAL $3,591 BONUS For First 500 Warriors!

1. Get Unlimited Developers License (Value $997)
2. Get in on a Special Closed Door Lead Rocket Workshop with the Creators (Value $1,997)
3. Get The Commercial Use Rights License To The Exclusive High Quality Images (Value $500)
4. The 31 Day Guide To Becoming A Master List Builder (Value $97)

Duration : 0:11:52

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Coding for the Masses (Advanced WordPress theme + framework Development) – Darcy Clarke

0 Coding for the Masses (Advanced WordPress theme + framework Development)   Darcy ClarkeDarcy Clarke (of Themify) – Coding for the Masses (Advanced WordPress theme + framework Development) at WordPressNYC Meetup at New Work City on Jan 17 2012



Building WordPress websites from scratch is so old-school. There are tons of themes and frameworks that you can build on… or you can build your own. This talk goes into the trials and tribulations of developing a platform / product based on Darcys work at Themify. As a basis, the Themify framework, itself, has gone through multiple revisions in order to be an accessible, robust, solid solution to build themes on. Using his framework and themes as example, Darcy lays out how to optimize and build scalable and reusable themes and theme frameworks. Darcy will dive into both the front and back-end providing insights on key features that have driven their success.

About our Speaker: Darcy Clarke is a Developer, Designer & User Experience Advocate based out of New York, NY. He is the Co-Founder of Themify a Commercial WordPress theme company, and is currently a Senior Developer at Fantasy Interactive and a member of the jQuery Team. Darcy’s work has been featured in publications such as: .Net Mag, Web Designer Mag, Applied Arts and Smashing Magazine.


Duration : 1:3:10

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