What is the best program to get rid of viruses?

I got mcafee but im not sure it worked i still seem to have viruses…. any suggestions to programs to get rid of them or how to get rid of em?

You can get high quality anti-virus for free, try Avast, all you need to do is register, there is no cost. Bear in mind that free versions use the same definition files as the paid for versions, as many vendors hope that you will purchase the upgrade.



Malwarebytes anti-malware:


Lavavsoft Adaware2008:


Spybot S&D:


Use a combination like above, you will have pretty good protection against viruses and other malware.

I would advise against the use of AVG which is still causing problems for many users:


Covert Social Buzz Review – Review of Covert Social Buzz – Ray The Video Guy

0 Covert Social Buzz Review   Review of Covert Social Buzz   Ray The Video GuyCovert Social Buzz Review http://www.RayTheVideoGuy.com/csb
Covert Social Buzz is a new plugin for WordPress that adds a social sharing button to your site or blog. Unlike most other social sharing buttons, Covert Social Buzz has a few secrets hidden under the hood.

1. Covert Social Buzz can add numbers to your social sharing buttons, which make your blog look much more popular than it might actually be. By having these numbers, people are more likely to share your content, because everyone else did as well.

2. On each page, Covert Social Buzz counts up from zero until it reaches the number of likes. Psychologically, this grabs peoples attention.

In this video, I give my honest review of Covert Social Buzz and let you know whether or not I recommend this new WordPress Plugin!

BONUS: As an added bonus to this product, if you purchase through our link, just drop me an email at ray@raythevideoguy.com and I will send you a graphics package that will have you creating headers, banners, buttons and much more.

Learn more at:


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Covert Social Buzz Review

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What are some good video editing programs that are for free?

I really am in need of a good free video editing program so that i can edit my videos and post them on Youtube.Any suggestions?

This is the best I can come with. Mas bien es lo mejor que he encontrado
http://usemossoftwarelibre.wordpress.com/2011/02/15/editores-de-videos-para-gnulinux-windows-mac/ editores de videos gratis

http://www.cinefx.org/downloads/ editor de video gratis

http://www.debugmode.com/wax/ editor de videos gratis


9/11 TRUTH: Jewish Ex-Marine SPEAKS OUT on Israeli Involvement (MUST WATCH)

0 9/11 TRUTH: Jewish Ex Marine SPEAKS OUT on Israeli Involvement (MUST WATCH)http://whatreallyhappened.com/ http://theuglytruth.wordpress.com/
2011 Interview of Alan Sabrosky regarding the tragic events of 9/11.
Video the U.S. Mainstream Media WON’T SHOW YOU.

“What we need to stand up and say is not only did they attack the USS Liberty, they did 9/11. They did it. I have had long conversations over the past two weeks with contacts at the Army War College, at it’s headquarters, Marine Corps and I made it absolutely clear in both cases that it is 100 percent certain that 9/11 was a Mossad operation. Period.” -
Dr. Alan Sabrosky, March 14, 2010

MORE GREAT INFO from Dr. Alan Sabrosky: Zionism Unmasked

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Give: Charity Responsive WordPress Theme + Download

0 Give: Charity Responsive WordPress Theme + DownloadDownload: http://xxsurl.com/4bnch1
Demo: http://ll4.me/8pskck

Give your charity or NGO organization a new face with this brand new theme. Give is Charity & NGO oriented WordPress theme, featuring a responsive design & focus on content & events. It is an extremely versatile and a rock-solid foundation to build upon.

Responsive Design:
Serve up your visitors using a tablet or a smartphone, an optimized version of the website. Optimised for iPad and iPhone. Beautiful typography is what makes this theme so awesome. Deliver beautiful typefaces to your visitors.

Post Formats:
Give comes with support for the following post formats: standard, image, slideshow and video. Write your awesome articles, share your stunning photos or even great videos using this wordpress theme.

Ease of use:

Fully widgetized homepage.

This theme is so easy to use, you won稚 even need the documentation. You can easily set up your website starting from the Theme Customizer and then continuing with a small unbranded options panel we致e included with only 10 options, among them being: logo upload, favicon upload, analytics code.
No 1000+ Shortcodes, 500+ Google Web Fonts. Nothing of that here.
Quick look inside of Give theme features

Big, Bold, Beautiful Typography

Clean Responsive Design


4 Custom Widgets (Twitter, Flickr, Video, Recent Articles)

Full Localization Support (contains .po/.mo files)

WPML compatibility

Accent Color Control (via Color Picker) on Theme Options

Compatible with the ZillaSocial Plugin.

Compatible with the ZillaLikes Plugin.

Compatible with the Contact Form 7.

Compatible with the Testimonials by WooThemes Plugin.

Compatible with the Events Calendar Plugin.


All photos used are licensed under a CC license which permits commercial use of the work. Photos are not included in the downloaded package.

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What is the best program to publish blogs to a personal webpage?

I want to start my own blog (actually a collaborative effort with some friends) with my own domain name and the what not. What is the best program to do such? I am not that familiar with web publishing so any help with the process would be great.

IF you want a simple free blog software, then I would consider wordpress. Easy to install, easy to customize, and work great. Of course you must have a webhost that supports php and mysql, but who does not these days?

Conversion MagicBox WordPress Plugin to Help Increase Conversions & Responses

0 Conversion MagicBox Wordpress Plugin to Help Increase Conversions & Responseshttp://www.WarMarks.com/cmb

Converion MagicBox help you have all your sales and lead generation stuff at one place, separate from your other content in the WordPress. And gives you Short-code or automatically adds the banners, ads, videos, add to cart buttons, affiliate links and optin forms and much more… with just few clicks.

It shows those banners and forms only when user reaches that area,
or with some delay to really catch the attention and increase responses.
It does Get Attention but does not annoy your users with pop-ups…
It is Non-Popup , Attention Grabbing Plugin to Increase Conversions.

Please checkout more here:

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