[RAVE REVIEWS] You’ll Be Shocked When You Discover How Much Money You’ve Wasted On WP Plugins!

0 [RAVE REVIEWS] Youll Be Shocked When You Discover How Much Money Youve Wasted On WP Plugins![RAVE REVIEWS] You’ll Be Shocked When You Discover How Much Money You’ve Wasted On WP Plugins! – http://www.warriorplus.com/w/a/4yb2h

Are You Getting Ripped off?
You’ll Be Shocked When You Discover How Much Money You’ve Wasted!

Are you spending money on WordPress plugins? That can be a huge expense, especially all the multisite licenses!
What if I told you, that you have been fooled for years?

That You Can Get It All For FREE…

If saving money & getting FREE WordPress plugins with all the functionalities you’ve been searching for interest you, then this will be exactly what you need!

I’m going to show you exactly were to find hundreds of dollars in free software that guarantees you save tons of money for years to come!

Discover Hundreds of Dollars In Free Software Guaranteed To Save You Money!

Invasion of Destroyer Plugins Will Give Any
WordPress User The Ability To Get
Any Plugin They Need, FREE!

Stop Wasting Money On Expensive Premium Plugins!
Don’t Pay a Dime For a Plugin Again!

[RAVE REVIEWS] You’ll Be Shocked When You Discover How Much Money You’ve Wasted On WP Plugins!
You’ll get 136 pages of well-categorized FREE WordPress plugins!
[RAVE REVIEWS] You’ll Be Shocked When You Discover How Much Money You’ve Wasted On WP Plugins!
A comprehensive “BEST OF THE BEST” resource – well laid out & describing each free plugin and what it does in detail. Saving you hours of time and research!

All created from six years of WordPress experience and nearly 6 months of work
Discover Hundreds of Dollars In Free Software Guaranteed To Save You Money!

Invasion of Destroyer Plugins Would Have Saved Me Hundreds Of Dollars And Hours Of Frustrating Trial And Error Throughout The Years!

Since I made my first affiliate site about 6 years ago, hundreds of new plugins have entered the arena month after month…

I’ve tried several different plugins with some good, and several bad experiences. For too long I have bought several premium plugins, just to find out there was a free plugin with the same functions…

I want to save you all the time, hassle and money I’ve wasted throughout the years…

Disclaimer – The creator of this video may receive financial compensation for actions resulting from this video.

[RAVE REVIEWS] You’ll Be Shocked When You Discover How Much Money You’ve Wasted On WP Plugins!

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WP Speed Lock WordPress Plugin With Developer License

0 WP Speed Lock WordPress Plugin With Developer LicenseWP Speed Lock WordPress Plugin With Developer License
VISIT: http://bit.ly/XYXERb

“The Ultimate Viral Lead Collection System”

Create Unlimited Speed Countdown Viral Pages

Browse WPSPEEDLOCK Features
The Power of The Time Limit
Increase Your Conversions with Time Limit Lock System

The timed countdown can by any number of minutes ranging from 1 to 99 minutes. This allows you to showcase an ebook graphic, video or image that indicates the offer. Once the time hits 0 it will fade away the free viral options and display the payment options that will cookie as well to make sure the fast-action offer is now locked. This is perfect to create suspense and will increase conversions the more you use it.

Collect Email Leads With Ease
Paste Your Auto-Responder Code to Setup in Seconds

Collect email leads using any of your favorite email auto responder service such as Aweber. Just copy and paste in your HTML form auto-responder into the options panel form and it will automatically connect it to the styled optin box that appears on your page. It’s fast and easy. You can collect leads from new twitter traffic or from users who do not have twitter accounts. Two ways to increase your overall conversions.

Easy to Setup and Install
Only Takes a Small Effort to Setup a New Speed Lock Page

A easy to use wordpress plugin that is simple to upload as a .zip in the Plugins area in your wordpress blog. Click the activate button and you will be able to create new Speed Lock pages that will give you all the options to make high converting lead collecting and traffic generating pages. You can create as many pages as you would like. Its very fast to setup just like any other wordpress plugin.

Facebook + Mobile Enabled
Ready To Fit The Size & Scale for Facebook and Mobile

All of your pages will respond to the size of your web broswer if you have a smaller resolution the page will scale to fit,WP Speed Lock WordPress Plugin With Developer License. This also works to fit on mobile devices such as iPhones, iPads and the page will also sclae to fit the facebook fan page iframe. You do not need to do anything the desktop link for your page will look good on all of those other devices. Just to make sure you get the maximium conversions.

WordPress 3.5+
Tested to work in the latest wordpress version as well as the older versions, so you have a easy setup!

Full Blog System
Add new content that promotes your business that will generate more traffic/leads from twitter.

Give Away / Sell
You can give away products for a small time frame and then force them to purchase if time’s up.

Add Your Video
Add your business commercial or add your own your video for the front page to increase your lead generation.

VISIT: http://bit.ly/XYXERb

Typography Fonts
Make your pages beautiful with a few clicks using Google Fonts to change your page instantly.

Timed Lock Out
After your set time the user will be locked out of the free offer and forced to purchase.

Send Twitter Traffic
Force users to tweet your offer page to gain access to your offer within your time limit.

Full Content Pages
Add all the content you need with the featured boxes, footer and wordpress post content.

Easy to Edit
Change the background style, font and all of the content on the fly. Using the wordpress options panel.

Design Options Change on The Fly
Give Your Pages a Professional Style With Ease

You have control over how you would like to showcase your viral offer pages. You can change the background style from a variety of colors and even includes a rainbow option. You also have access to 14 different Google Fonts to edit the Headline and Paragraph fonts seperately to create a unique offer page. If you have a bold display font attitude or a soft hand written style. It’s all up to you!

Tweet Payment Option
Share Your Offer URL to Gain Instant Access

Before the time runs out the users have the option to share the offer on their twitter account which includes your custom description and link to the page to increase your overall views. The other option is to sign up using their email account, WP Speed Lock WordPress Plugin With Developer License. The twitter option is a quick way to increase the overall exposure of the page and since there is a small time limit, more action will be taken sooner.

WP Speed Lock WordPress,Plugin With Developer,License

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I accidentally deleted the footer section of wordpress 2011 theme. Can i replace it?

I accidentally deleted the footer.php section of my wordpress twenty eleven theme. Is there a way I can recover it or can someone send me the code to put it. All i was trying to do was delete where it said "this site is powered by wordpress" and it really messed the site up.

Hello Shauna,

You can download the 2011 theme from the WordPress.org site:


Once you’ve downloaded the zip file, extract it on your local computer. Inside the extracted folder, you should see the footer.php file which you can then upload (using an FTP program or your hosts File Manager) to your twentyeleven folder.

Best Free WordPress Plugins

0 Best Free Wordpress PluginsGo To http://whoisjohnrobbins.com For More Free WordPress Plugins Best Free WordPress Plugins – here are a few of my favorite free WordPress plugins – you will find their links on my website where you will also find my video and recommended free wordpress plugins for securing your WordPress sites and blogs against attacks and hackers. Much more on free wordpress plugins and more videos on how to use them along with articles too are all available free on http://whoisjohnrobbins.com

Please feel free to comment and like on John Robbins best free wordpress plugins

If you want to learn more about some of my other best free wordpress plugins then please let me know as I use so many that it is hard to say exactly which one is the best wordpress plugin ever. You see the best wordpress plugins are a matter of opinion and it really depends on exactly what you are trying to achieve with your WordPress Blog or Site. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=buQ4mJHqrQo

I have however supplied a link to a wordpress classroom that gives you a wordpress help guide and wordpress manual that will help you to master this easy to use platform in the way of a word press manual in video tutorial format – so you can see exactly what is being done sort of over my shoulder stuff.

More Videos on John Robbins LocalSeoDomination Channel http://www.youtube.com/user/LocalSeoDomination

This course also gives you a guide on some really top wordpress plug ins and nearly all of them are free wordpress plugins

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authority pro plugin wordpress – authority squeeze generator wordpress plugin

0 authority pro plugin wordpress   authority squeeze generator wordpress pluginauthority pro plugin wordpress – authority squeeze generator plugin
Get it: http://tinyurl.com/b3u8bvd
I was given review access to a brand new premium wordpress theme called Authority Pro, so I asked Ilana Wechsler if she’d like to take a look at it, test it and then write a review for readers of Entrepreneurs-Journey. Ilana has quite a bit of experience playing with WordPress so she was eager to test out this theme.
Here’s what she had to say about Authority Pro — a premium theme designed specifically for internet marketers…
Like most things in life, you get what you pay for, and in the world of internet marketing, this is no exception.
One of the many appealing factors that drew me towards internet marketing is the low cost to begin. Starting out I was very reluctant to spend any money on anything until I had a good appreciation for what it could really offer me. I’m sure most people feel the same when beginning.
In setting up my website on WordPress, I spent countless hours trialling out numerous free themes — all of which seemed to have something wrong with them. While this statement certainly doesn’t apply to all the free themes out there, you can spend A LOT of time and effort working out which ones work. If you don’t know this first hand, trust me, finding a good theme is no small job. After many, many hours of trial and error, I realised that in order to gain complete control of what I wanted my website to look like, I needed to buy a theme.
I took the plunge and purchased Thesis and I was, and still am, a very happy customer. Thesis is great from an SEO standpoint, but if you are particular about what you want your website to look like, which can have a big impact on sales and conversions, you need some knowledge of coding. There is a very steep learning curve.
Creating a web page to present a one-time-offer for my current subscribers, as per what I talked about needing to do in my previous article on how to get more buyers on your email list, took me a LONG time, as I had a very clear vision of how I wanted the page to look. Take it from me, it can be very frustrating if you have a clear idea of what you want and just can’t get your website to look that way.
Fortunately for me, I come from a programming background so I was not afraid to get my hands dirty and delve into some php and css coding to make my theme look how I wanted it to look (I enjoyed tapping into my inner-geek!). But for those of you who don’t know any coding, nor have any desire to learn, customization of your blog or website theme is very challenging.
When Yaro asked me to consider a review of Authority Pro, a premium WordPress theme designed for internet marketers, I was particularly interested to try it out to see how much relevant inbuilt functionality there really was without needing to know any code. I was also curious to see how long it would take to create a typical looking squeeze page and also a one-time-offer as these are on my to-do list.
What is Authority Pro?

Authority Pro is a WordPress theme that comes with additional plugins. So, if you are particularly attached to the theme design you are currently using, you are going to have to let it go if you want to switch to Authority Pro.
Authority Pro has been designed and targeted for the true internet marketer who doesn’t know how to code or has any intention or desire to learn. It’s for beginner to intermediate internet marketers, giving you the power to create a blog and squeeze page, which are designed and tested for maximum conversion, in the space of a few hours. Sounds too good to be true? Well, I thought so until I tried it out.
I feel the genius of this product is its inbuilt functionality without the need for any knowledge of coding. Internet marketing is all about conversions and Authority Pro is designed just for that. I’ll explain how.
As shown in the diagram below, there are 24 different editable areas in the Authority Pro design, thereby enabling you to truly customize your site. This enables you to have a lot of flexibility over where you want to place your affiliate links, optin box, adsense ads or any other way you wish to monetize your site. It also enables you to place your important ads and/or affiliate links above the fold, and by ‘important’ I mean the ones that pay the most and that you want people to click on.

Authority Pro really has too many features to list all of them and text isn’t the best way to describe these functions.

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How to Watermark/Add Logo using Windows Movie Maker

0 How to Watermark/Add Logo using Windows Movie MakerHow to add a watermark/logo using Windows Movie Maker (XP version)

This video was designed for the ‘visual’ learners.

Comment & Rate

NOTE: The logo created will not be used as my ‘official logo’. It was created as an example.

I have a simplfied version of the code for XP & Vista.

Credit to: http://www.windowsmoviemakers.net/

Further explaination code/help
XP: http://www.windowsmoviemakers.net/Forums/ShowPost.aspx?PostID=12624
Vista: http://www.windowsmoviemakers.net/Forums/ShowPost.aspx?&PostID=163105

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What is a good, free program for making encyclopedias?

Being the nerd I am, I want to create an encyclopedia on a game for no particular reason. =3 Is there any good, free, and easy-to-use programs out there to do so? Thanks!

Use the FREE WordPress program to create site. Then use the FREE WP Wiki Plugin to support creating a Wikipedia like site. Read following article for more details:

Add Wiki support to your WordPress blog through WP Wiki plugin [ http://www.tekgazet.com/wiki-support-to-wordpress-blog-through-wp-wiki-plugin/net/143.html ]

[JVZoo Product Of The Day] Create your own hot WordPress plug-ins in minutes [No programming]

0 [JVZoo Product Of The Day] Create your own hot Wordpress plug ins in minutes [No programming][JVZoo Product Of The Day] Create your own hot WordPress plug-ins in minutes [No programming]
Want to make and sell your own plug-ins but:Can’t Program? Can’t afford to outsource?
No Problemo!
So, let me ask you…If I showed you a way to make your own plug-ins in any niche, one after another, with your name on them with no coding to learn and no outsourcing bills to pay…..would you be interested?
[JVZoo Product Of The Day] Create your own hot WordPress plug-ins in minutes [No programming] Well….Here is a way for you to make your own simple WordPress plug-ins with No Programming, No Coding, No Developers Costs. These Plug-ins are very, very simple but they are also very powerful, popular and versatile. They provide dynamic engaging content on pages & posts (Google loves this, btw) and because they are simple, there are no support issues to deal with.

[JVZoo Product Of The Day] Create your own hot WordPress plug-ins in minutes [No programming] These plug-ins deliver fun, information and advice all related to the niche content on the blog – this engages readers more and keeps them returning to your blog.
Who doesn’t want that?

[JVZoo Product Of The Day] Create your own hot WordPress plug-ins in minutes [No programming] This is the easiest way for you to get in on the WordPress plug-in market With NO PROGRAMMING SKILLS and NO OUTSOURCING REQUIRED Can you afford to let this pass you by???

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