Ipenelo – Programming, WordPress Plugins And Themes, Internet Marketing

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Ipenelo – Programming, WordPress Plugins And Themes, Internet Marketing
iPenelo | Programming, WordPress plugins and themes, Internet marketing English Eesti (Estonian) iPenelo Programming, WordPress plugins and themes, Internet marketing Search Main menu Skip to primary content Skip to secondary content iPenelo Services and solutions Automating management Video solutions Websites Plugins WordPress Popup Plugin WordPress SimplePop Plus WordPress Contact Manager Plugin WordPress Calendar and Scheduler plugin Portfolio Contact We are all about websites Planning Building Marketing From simple to complex, from light to heavy weight, from wordpress to custom, from static sites to web 2.0 solutions we love to do it all. And once we get to know you, we know exactly how to deliver the site that you need. We never underestimate, we Einstein it! Although brainstoming is lots of fun, nothing beats the feeling of creating awesome stuff. We think ahead so your site would be easy to find in search engines, it would look pretty on all browsers and devices and that it would be as sweet as a pie. Yes, as sweet as a pie! yeah, we love to market the stuff that weve built. Were proud and every piece of our body would play its part to make your new product be heard and talked about. We use all the weapons that are online and if needed we go offline too. Marketing game on! Designing and coding We love to build fast, easy to use websites. Even complex solutions can be built to be user-friendly. And when we are talking about nowadays web then search engines are one of the most important aspects. When we build websites, we carefully implement smart solutions. We wont leave your site hanging to get a chance of popping up among billions of websites out there. We use technology to make sure, that your site performs better then the rest. Thats when coding means thinking and thinking comes from experience. Creating quality content We go even further. We dont only stop with design and framework. If you wish, we take that extra mile for you. Our copywriters work hand in hand with Google keyword tool and iPenelo creativity tool (thats our brains) to make the site meet your needs. First page in Google, here we come again! And when you want your site to be private then we make it private with just a snap! We deliver on time We hate programmers sleeping in late and disappearing for days. We cant stand unkept promises. We never, never deliver work late. We will deliver jobs on time and with zero tolerance of quality loss. Your success is our goal and we never take it lightly! High standards SEO friendly Cross-browser compatibility Support Powerful admin tools Growth in mind We live and breath SEO. We are search engine optimization junkies. Give us the chance to make you outperform them all! Some browsers suck, but as long as people still use those, we have to think of how to reach them too. And lets not forget that more and more of us browse the web on mobile devices. We are aware that for us everything is as clear as can be but you dont need to here tech-talk, you need help and support. We tend to use tools and build admin panels in a really userfriendly way. So when it comes to administration dont worry, enjoy!

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What is the best program to build a website that I can easily imput existing widgets?

I have an existing website and would like to make a new landing page for the current website as the current one can not be enhanced. I tried using WordPress and I found out that they do not allow the widget that I need to have on my website. So which websites do allow per-made widgets? And are easy to use cause I am not that tech savvy. Thanks!

You could use Drupal or Joomla.

[AMAZON WP PLUGIN] Clever Way to Make Visitors Click Your Affiliate Links! Used on 3100+ Sites!

0 [AMAZON WP PLUGIN] Clever Way to Make Visitors Click Your Affiliate Links! Used on 3100+ Sites!http://iinews.info/bim [AMAZON WP PLUGIN] Clever Way to Make Visitors Click Your Affiliate Links! Used on 3100+ Sites! I was still getting some traffic just not as much as before. I knew I should start optimizing conversions of existing visitors. I started to look for ways to increase my click through rate. First thing that came up was to try some exit pop scripts. I tried a few plugins. While some of them only allowed for email opt-ins others allowed amazon products but you had to enter them manually. It was taking forever to manually find and enter each product for every page on my site. I was tired of this BS and since I had all the skills needed I decided to build my own plugin that would pull amazon products automatically. It took a few months to build all the features and to get it where it is now. And it turned out amazing!

[AMAZON WP PLUGIN] Clever Way to Make Visitors Click Your Affiliate Links! Used on 3100+ Sites! At the beginning of 2012 two of my highest earning sites got hit by google algorythm changes. My Amazon earnings started to go south and I was desperately looking for ways to recover my income stream. After searching a lot here on warrior forum and other forums I quickly made some changes to my sites and waited to see results.

Everything from generating keywords to pulling relevant products from Amazon is automatic. It saves you time. You simply install it once and forget it. Use saved time to work on your other projects or simply enjoy doing what you love.

Increase Your Click Through Rates Get Bigger Checks!

If you already have an amazon store this plugin will do wonders for your CTR! Imagine getting a second chance to pitch your visitor a few more deals right before they are about to leave.You could easily be sending 300% + more clicks to Amazon. How much more money does that equal to you? [AMAZON WP PLUGIN] Clever Way to Make Visitors Click Your Affiliate Links! Used on 3100+ Sites! 2 with amazon products and 3 custom HTML templates. Make the pop window layout match your site design for better conversions. Split test templates to find exactly what works for your site and what doesn’t. Easily disable losers or continue testing other variations like email opt-in forms or click bank products. Split test 5 different attention grabbing titles per every template. Any successfull internet marketer will tell you how important it is to split test and optimize to squize even more revenue out of your traffic.

WP Bounce picks up SERP keywords the visitor use to get to your page and uses them to pull super-relevant products from Amazon. It gives your visitors exactly what they are looking for. It’s like searching amazon for them and showing the links to products they are looking for. Imagine what this will do to your CTR and conversion rates!
Picture this scenario. A user searched for ‘blue widgets for women’ and your site came up but your page is about general ‘blue widgets’. Right before the user tries to leave – WP Bounce shows a pop up with ‘blue widgets for women’ and you get that click and the commission that otherwise would have been lost! [AMAZON WP PLUGIN] Clever Way to Make Visitors Click Your Affiliate Links! Used on 3100+ Sites! http://iinews.info/bim

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WordPress Menu Programming. Creating And Displaying Menus In WordPress Themes

0 Wordpress Menu Programming. Creating And Displaying Menus In Wordpress ThemesA lot of WordPress bloggers who know basic HTML will hard code their menu items in the navigation.

Instead, this video shows you the right way to create WordPress menus and takes you through each step including:
1. Registering the menu in your WordPress theme and naming a theme location
2. Adding a custom menu to your theme location using the WordPress Appearance
3. Adding the theme location to your theme

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Nokia Lumia 920 – first hands-on video

0 Nokia Lumia 920   first hands on videoDiscover Nokia Lumia 920: http://nokia.ly/Q6tDgC

Take a closer look at Nokia’s latest Lumia smartphone featuring the Windows Phone 8 operating system, the latest evolution of PureView with optical image stabilisation, brand new PureMotion HD+ display technology and wireless charging.

It’s available in a selection of colours including yellow, red, white, grey and black.

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Freelance Jobs Find Top Quality Software Programmers Starting @ $5!

0 Freelance Jobs Find Top Quality Software Programmers Starting @ $5!Thousands of high quality, user rated web programmers offer their services on http://gigbucks.com/categories/Programming – Are you thinking hiring a programmer online and don’t know where to get started? If you’re a small and medium sized online business then you can’t afford high end web programmer agencies that will charge you thousands of dollars. On Gigbucks, software programmers from around the world offer their services from as little as 5 dollars.

Gigbucks.com is a freelancer micro jobs website where people buy and sell services, such as programming software, website design, programming jobs, help with wordpress, software for programming and things like that.
Go to Gigbucks.com, search web programming, software programming or browse the categories and you’ll find thousands of different service providers to choose from.

Find quality providers by checking out their ratings and reviews.

Contact sellers with questions before you buy and be sure to find the best provider for your programming software needs. Pay software for programming safely through the Gigbucks.com escrow service, the provider of the service only gets paid after you have received the service and are satisfied with it.

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Top Five Must-Have WordPress Plugins

0 Top Five Must Have WordPress Plugins==========CLICK HERE!!! http://WordPressLapDance.com CLICK HERE!!!==========
Top Five Must-Have WordPress Plugins
In the wonderful world of WordPress, it is essential that bloggers stray away from the default settings in order to improve the design and capabilities of their blogs. But where to start? What can you do to improve your blog? There are plugins made, both free and paid, for just about everything imaginable.

I think that the three most basic needs are:

1. Monetization
2. Optimization
3. Navigation

With this in mind, lets try to cover all our bases and find the five best plugins to solve our three basic needs in any WordPress blog.

1. All In One SEO Pack

This plugin is my go-to SEO Optimization tool for WordPress. Other than the built-in “permalink” service, this is really a must have for your website to fare well in Google (and other) search rankings. With the All In One SEO Pack, they enable you to format the titles on every single page, which I see as the most important feature for getting ranked well in searches. Notice how each page on theNetFool.com displays “Article Info | The Net Fool”? You can format your blog like this with All In One!

This plugin goes far beyond merely changing around titles however, you can pretty much change around anything with the meta descriptions of your postings, your selected keywords that show up in search results, and even the ability to “nofollow” posts/pages of your choosing. In order to get your website search engine optimized, you need a tool like All In One SEO… and this one’s absolutely FREE icon biggrin Top Five Must Have WordPress Plugins

2. OIO Publisher

I recently discovered this amazing WordPress plugin that “ads” a whole new functionality to your WordPress blog. Of course, I am talking about OIO Publisher, which allows you to run your own ad service where people can purchase ad slots on your page, pay through PayPal, and see their ads appear automatically! This one will run you a $37 one-time fee, but it is well worth it. It’s been called the “ultimate sales platform” for your blog, and it is a lot cheaper than the alternatives which can cost over $100.

Gone are the days when you need to pay other services a percentage of your sales for allowing them to run your ad service. OIO Publisher is a winner in my eyes. The user interface is very easy to understand, and they have an entire marketplace set up that you gain access to once you pay for the plugin. This will allow you to run everything from inline ads and banner ads, to sponsored posts and text links. If you have a digital item to sell, you can use OIO to handle the processing as well. If you are serious about monetizing your blog, buy this plugin.

3. Akismet

There is a reason that this spam-assassin comes with every WordPress installation. Before I was using Akismet, I had by comment moderation setting so that I needed to approve everything that came my way. Gone are the days where this is needed. Akismet is free to use so long as you aren’t a major company, and is basically an entire spam network that builds on itself. Whenever spam is recognized on your comments, it is added to the Akismet database and will never bother you again. It has caught over 150 messages since I have started using it, and is a must-have for any serious blogger.

I had the unfortunate experience of being labeled as spam in the past. This definitely does not happen to more than 5% of commenters, but as soon as I sent an email to the moderators at Akismet, they cleared it up for me and I haven’t had any problems since icon smile Top Five Must Have WordPress Plugins . With this installed, you really don’t have to worry about your comments being out of line again!

4. Related Posts

There are several “related post” plugins available for free through WordPress. In my opinion, the best of which is the WASABI Related Entries plugin. This is really a must-have option for your blogs. Not only does it look great and encourage your readers to stay on your website, but it acts as a great SEO tool by linking together your website for easier indexing! Again, there are tons of clones claiming to be the original and the best. I don’t really know enough to say which was the first, but I think the WASABI-version is the most functional so I encourage you to check it out first!

Having a related posts option is definitely a nice addition to any blog site. If you don’t already have one up and running, I suggest getting on and sticking it either underneath your content (and above comments), or somewhere on your sidebar. This one’s a winner!

5. Subscribe Remind

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