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0 WP Fontaholic | WordPress Plugin | Font Editorhttp://www.wpfontaholic.com

WP Fontaholic is an all in one font editor for WordPress sites.

You can edit the font size, the font itself, the shadow, color, shadow and much more all from one easy to use admin area using WP Fontaholic.


WP Fontaholic was designed to make editing your WordPress sites text and look super simple. Now instead of using the visual editor to change the color or size of the fonts you can change the entire look of your WordPress site directly from within the WP Fontaholic Plugin admin area.

To Visit WP Fontaholic head here http://www.wpfontaholic.com

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Arduino Programming! – How To Make A LED Blink

0 Arduino Programming!   How To Make A LED BlinkI will show the simplest thing you can do with an Arduino to see physical output: it blinks an LED.

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