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0 Must Have Wordpress Plugins | Wordpress Plugins FreeThis are one of my favorite, top 10 wordpress plugins. This plugins makes your website more advanced. Amazing!
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Links to plugins (wordpress free plugins) :
10. – Comments Not Replied To :
9. – Flare Social :
8. – WP-HTML-Compression :
7. WP No Category base :
6. – Social Pools by OpitionStage :
5. – P3 (Plugin Performance Profiler) :
4. – Newsletter :
3. Mega Slider — Responsive NOT FREE (but it’s extra cool) :
2.WordPress Related Posts :
1. – Seo By Yoast :

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Top 10′s list (WordPress Free Plugin) :

10. Comments not replied to.

“Comments Not Replied To” is a plugin that makes it easy to manage the comments on your blog, especially for those of you who have a significant amount of comments.

That’s the picture how it looks like when someone comment on your site you’ll see if you have already replied on his comment.

9. Flare social
Flare social is great new plugin which was made in 2013. You can easily configure and share your posts across some of the most popular networks and of course it’s free.

8. WP-HTML-Compression

This plugin is great for better site speed. Remember if your site is slow it’s really bad for SEO (Search Engine Optimization). WP-HTML-Compression will compress your HTML by shortening URLS and removing standard comments and whitespace.

7. WP No Category base

Great plugin which removes category from links. Example yoursite/category/floorball or yoursite/category/ski-jumping.

6. Social Poolls by OpinionStage

Social Pools is really great looking plugin. You can also add this pool to sidebars or to your posts.

5. P3 (Plugin Performance Profiler)

One of my favorite plugins, because checking which plugins are bad coded or poorly configured can give you real headache. This plugin creates a profile of your WordPress site’s plugins’ performance by measuring their impact on your site’s load time.

4. Newsletter
Having your own e-mail database is really necessary. First I receommned starting with free plugin like these Newsletter plugin, but he has disadvantages like slow sending,newsletter goes to spam… After that it’s good to have Mailchimp or Aweber which are #1 in online marketing. Why? Simple because you can send mails without arriving to spam and you can track how many have opened mail and much more.

3. Mega Slider — Responsive WordPress Slider Plugin | NOT FREE
This plugin is not free but it’s worth 15$. With this Mega Slider you can easily add text, image or video to your slider, with a friendly admin user interface and power timeline manager. It’s also responsive.

2.WordPress Related Posts
WordPress related posts is one of the most unusual plugins in this category. It shows related posts beautifully and works well when website is viewed on mobile.

1.WordPress SEO by Yoast
Amazing plugin for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) – better Google results.

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#1 Must Have Plugin for WordPress. Rank in Search Engines.

0 #1 Must Have Plugin for Wordpress. Rank in Search Engines. Getting targeted traffic to your blog or website is the number one priority of internet marketers. Targeted traffic + good content = lead! If people do not see your blog or website, you cannot get leads. This plugin is by far the best and easiest way to make sure you are getting a good SEO score with all your post. Although I did not mention it in your video, the plugin also links to Google’s keyword research tool so you can find the best keywords for your posts and pages. The plugin is 100% free.

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Top 10 WordPress Plugins for 2013 l Best WordPress Plugins

0 Top 10 WordPress Plugins for 2013 l Best WordPress Plugins

The Top Free WordPress Plugins for 2013

One of the best things I like about WordPress is all the great plugins you can use to add just about any functionality to your site. There are a ton of plugins out there so finding the best ones can be a time consuming task. So let me save you some time by giving you my list of the Top 10 WordPress plugins for 2013. This list of plugins are free to download and use. All these plugins can be installed through WordPress, just go to plugins and click on add new and type in the name of the plugin in the search box, once you see the name of the plugin you are looking for download it and then activate it and you are ready to start using the plugin. If you a have any plugins you want to recommend please leave them in the comments.
Also please visit for my free internet marketing tips.

10 Best WordPress Plugins
Best WordPress Plugins
Wordpress Plugins
Best WordPress Plugins 2013
Top 10 WordPress Plugins
Top WordPress Plugins 2013
Best WordPress Plugins

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16 Little Known WordPress Plugins

0 16 Little Known Wordpress PluginsGet the free wordpress plugin list here:

Looking for awesome wordpress plugins to enhance your site?

There are hundreds of plugins available for you to install to your wordpress, and most of them do a great job doing what they do. The few that you need really depend on what you are looking to accomplish.

Are you looking to increase traffic to your blog?
Want to reduce the bounce rate?
Want a faster loading site?
Do you want more interaction or engagement from viewers?
Would you like more social sharing among your posts?
Are you wanting your blog to be ranked higher in search engines, or afraid of being penalized with Google’s new updates?

The question for most people, though, is: Is my audience able to find me so that I can solve their issues?

Luckily, a number of wordpress plugins can solve most or all of your issues. Now, you just have to find them, which can be a real obstacle. Simply check out the website to get your list of useful wordpress plugins and where exactly to find them.

SEO wordpress plugins are super useful for a number of reasons. These can improve your site’s on-page and off-page optimization. On-page optimization is directing your copy to contain a certain amount of your keyword within the title, headers, and body of each post, among other tips.

Off-page optimization plugins typically backlink your page to numerous high-authority sites and sometimes index those links so that search engines see this and consider your page as relevant. Awesome for rankings. Especially if the plugin shares your content among social media sites. Social sharing is a big indication of relevancy.

And some seo plugins even reduce bounce rates and load your website faster in the browser. Both of these are parts of Google’s search ranking algorithm.

Visitor engagement is huge.
Everyone loves to see comments rolling in after a post is made. It usually means you made a connection with a viewer, and often a conversation starts.
Other methods of having a conversation is within your email follow ups. My email subscribers have conversations all the time. They get to learn about me and I learn who they are from their optins.

Some wordpress plugins provide popup optins to give you the edge to get that extra connection with your audience. I love these plugins. Besides that, in the list, I mention all of the above, plus a super easy squeeze page builder that requires no graphic design expertise or outsourcing. I can have an awesome squeeze page giving value built for my audience in minutes.

The best part of some of the wordpress plugins I mention on this list is that some of them are push-button meaning it’s set up. You simply install and begin the fun. The second best part is that I’ve seen bloggers personally get awesome results and exploding their traffic.

There’s simply too many highlights and components of this wordpress plugin list to name and describe all of the plugins. You can easily see for yourself some of the lesser known but must have wordpress plugins by clicking the link below.

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Top 10 WordPress Plugins (2013) Every Website Should Have

0 Top 10 WordPress Plugins (2013) Every Website Should HaveWhat plugins should you add to your WordPress website? Here’s my Top 10 list of the most essential plugins every website should have. With over 10,000+ plugins in the WordPress Plugin Library, there are bound to be others you will want to add to your site as well. However, the plugins mentioned in this video are my “must-haves”. Everything from automatically scheduling website backups to Dropbox, optimizing SEO (search engine optimization) and protecting your website from hacks and spam are included. Enjoy.

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Google Maps WordPress Plugin

0 Google Maps WordPress Plugin Who cares where your office is? If you are a service professional who works on location, get the Google Maps WordPress Plugin that lets you Map Your Business Your Way!

If you have a self-hosted WordPress website, you can now display a Google Map of your work portfolio on your website. Now you can turn your past customers & jobs into a Geo-portfolio. Your job portfolio is now localized content that is ready to be found by the search engines.

Your website visitors will love the interactive Google Map and can search your portfolio by location or category.

This is a must-have Google Maps WordPress Plugin for the following types of companies: Architects, Asphalt & Paving, Board-up, brick Paving, Builders, Carpenters, Carpet Cleaners, Chimney Cleaning & Repair, Concrete, Contractors, Critter Control, Damage Restoration, Deck Builders, Deck Cleaning, Duct Cleaning, Electrical Contractors, Excavating, Fencing, Fire & Water Damage, Fireplaces, Flooring, Garage Builders, Garage Door Replacement & repair, Garage Organization, Gutter Cleaning, Handyman Services, Heating & Cooling, Home Improvement, Insulation, Landscaping, Masonry, Painting, Patio, Paving, Plumbing, Pressure Washing, Remodeling, Replacement Windows, Restoration, Roofing, Seal coating, Sewer Cleaning, Siding, Snow Removal, Sprinkler Systems, Sump Pumps, Tile & Grout Cleaning, Tree Services, Tuck pointing, Water Damage, Waterproofing, Window Cleaning.

If you are a service business and you want the best Google Maps WordPress Plugin, then WPMapFolio is for you.

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