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Adding YouTubeVvideos to WordPress Automatically
Duration: 8 mins 6 secs

YouTube.com is one of the largest websites on the Internet. And this site gets millions and millions of visitors per day, and they also have millions of pages of web content. Now, what if you can use some of YouTube’s content and post that content automatically to your WordPress blog?

With a commercial plugin called WP YouTube, you can do exactly that. In fact, you can get videos from YouTube and post them to your blog, along with the video description and also the related comments. Now, there are several different types of licenses for WP Video Tube. And these are mostly differentiated by the amount of keywords that you can specify in the plugin itself.

So if you wanna create a single blog and you can live with 20 keywords, then you can go for the Lite version, or you can go for the Pro Elite; and if you wanna build multiple websites or multiple domains, then you can go for the Developer License. Once you have uploaded the WP YouTube plugin to your WordPress wpcontent/plugin folder, and then you should see it appear under the Installed Plugins list.

And here, we have WP Video Tube. And I’m going to activate that plugin. Now that the plugin is activated, I’m gonna look for the Settings page, which should be under the Settings tab right here, or if it’s not there, it should be under Tools. Alright? There you have it — WP Video Tube. So I’m gonna click on that.

Okay, so it says here, “This plugin allows you to post videos automatically from YouTube based on keywords you set up. You can also edit the post template here. So if you want to have custom styling for the WordPress videos themselves, then you can always add in your own CSS styles. But first, let’s create a new keyword.

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