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Video Player | File Protection | Amazon S3 Plugin For WordPress & Joomla | Cdnvault
Introducing Best Video Player & File Protection, Amazon s3 Plugin for WordPress & Joomla Websites. Unlimited Site License at great prices.
Video Player | File Protection | Amazon S3 Plugin For WordPress & Joomla | CDNvault Disclaimer Privacy Terms Products Services Forums Docs Account Extras Pricing Overview Best Video Player & File Protection Plugin for WordPress Websites – Share Your Files Securely and Play, or even Monetize Your Videos At The Touch Of A Button. Works With Both Amazon S3 and Locally Hosted Files Includes one free commercial license of Flowplayer. The commercial license of Flowplayer for one domain cost $95. You may check the price on Flowplayer website here. Features List Hotlinking Create auto expiring URLs for embedded files and videos each time the page loads. Even if someone shares your links, they won’t work. Ultimate security control is in your hands now. Formats & Branding Embedd PDF files, ZIP files, audios, videos or any other format in your content. The included commercial version of FlowPlayer supports SWF, FLV, MP4, and many more. Even place your own logo on video player. Video Options Change video player skin, auto play, auto buffer, show/hide controls bar, show video sharing options and lot more. Set them globally or change them for each video in your content. Unparalleld Security Secure your files that are hosted on Amazon S3, or the ones that are hosted locally. For local files, CDNVault creates encrypted links for your users to download the files so they never get to know the real location of your files. Viral Videos Make your videos go viral by allowing your viewers to share your videos via email or on Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, Bebo, Orkut, Digg, Stumbleupon and Livespaces.Email feature is spam-protected. Video Analytics Tracks video events to your Google Analytics account whenever a video playback is started and the total time it has been viewed. Powerful way to learn whether your viewers are watching your videos fully or simply abandoning. Monetization Display ADs on your videos with full HTML capabilities. Include clickable links or banner images. Viewers can close this ad anytime they want. But your offer still pops up. That means another chance to make that sale. Easy License Using our developer license, install on as many of your own sites, or your clients websites, as you want. However, a new license is required for commercial version of Flowplayer for each additional domain. A Invanto 2012. All Rights Reserved.

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