16 Little Known WordPress Plugins

0 16 Little Known Wordpress PluginsGet the free wordpress plugin list here:


Looking for awesome wordpress plugins to enhance your site?

There are hundreds of plugins available for you to install to your wordpress, and most of them do a great job doing what they do. The few that you need really depend on what you are looking to accomplish.

Are you looking to increase traffic to your blog?
Want to reduce the bounce rate?
Want a faster loading site?
Do you want more interaction or engagement from viewers?
Would you like more social sharing among your posts?
Are you wanting your blog to be ranked higher in search engines, or afraid of being penalized with Google’s new updates?

The question for most people, though, is: Is my audience able to find me so that I can solve their issues?

Luckily, a number of wordpress plugins can solve most or all of your issues. Now, you just have to find them, which can be a real obstacle. Simply check out the website to get your list of useful wordpress plugins and where exactly to find them.


SEO wordpress plugins are super useful for a number of reasons. These can improve your site’s on-page and off-page optimization. On-page optimization is directing your copy to contain a certain amount of your keyword within the title, headers, and body of each post, among other tips.

Off-page optimization plugins typically backlink your page to numerous high-authority sites and sometimes index those links so that search engines see this and consider your page as relevant. Awesome for rankings. Especially if the plugin shares your content among social media sites. Social sharing is a big indication of relevancy.

And some seo plugins even reduce bounce rates and load your website faster in the browser. Both of these are parts of Google’s search ranking algorithm.

Visitor engagement is huge.
Everyone loves to see comments rolling in after a post is made. It usually means you made a connection with a viewer, and often a conversation starts.
Other methods of having a conversation is within your email follow ups. My email subscribers have conversations all the time. They get to learn about me and I learn who they are from their optins.

Some wordpress plugins provide popup optins to give you the edge to get that extra connection with your audience. I love these plugins. Besides that, in the list, I mention all of the above, plus a super easy squeeze page builder that requires no graphic design expertise or outsourcing. I can have an awesome squeeze page giving value built for my audience in minutes.

The best part of some of the wordpress plugins I mention on this list is that some of them are push-button meaning it’s set up. You simply install and begin the fun. The second best part is that I’ve seen bloggers personally get awesome results and exploding their traffic.

There’s simply too many highlights and components of this wordpress plugin list to name and describe all of the plugins. You can easily see for yourself some of the lesser known but must have wordpress plugins by clicking the link below.


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