Backup Creator – An easy way to backup wordpress

0 Backup Creator   An easy way to backup wordpress – Need to clone a site? Need to have backups in the event of a hacker hacking your site? This is the plugin to get! No techie stuff what so ever! Upload, activate, authorize and restore! Backing up your wordpress site is just as simple upload, activate, authorize, set your settings up(ftp, email, download, Amazon S3) and click Backup Now!

This wordpress plugin is so essential to any web based professionals armory because you dont need to know how to set up databases, deal with phpmyadmin and so on… It is all taken care of for you! If you get the developer license there is so much more you can do with this plugin as well. Not only do they offer extremely valuable training but they allow you to give the plugin to the customer if you flip the site. They allow you to install it on clients sites as a value added service and more. –

Duration : 0:10:28

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