Best WordPress Plugins Make Money Blogging

0 Best Wordpress Plugins Make Money Blogging Making money blogging just got a whole lot easier with this best top wordpress plugin. A must have plugin for any serious blogger and it’s a free plugin too not a paid premium plugin.

The best part is this wordpress plugin can be installed and set up in under 5 minutes.

If you are looking for the best wordpress plugin to make money blogging then this is certainly a top wordpress plugin that every blogger should install on their wordpress blog.

WordPress plugins are essentially the easiest way to pimp your blog, turning a lean wordpress blog into a lean mean profit pulling machine. New plugins are released daily so be sure to sign up at to discover the best top plugins.

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13 thoughts on “Best WordPress Plugins Make Money Blogging

  1. Fantastic video …
    Fantastic video Sally, really a great way to add a little extra to the bank balance rather than leaving it on the table.


  2. @DawnKay69 Hey Dawn …
    @DawnKay69 Hey Dawn, ha ha, hardly a master of the videos just yet, but I will get there in the end! Glad the video helped and thanks for leaving a comment, now go get your own videos done… Sally :)

  3. What a great way to …
    What a great way to make money from your blog comments Sally and I didn’t even know you could do this.

    After watching video one and seeing what this plugin does I couldn’t wait to watch video two so I could implement it on my blog.

    Another top video tutorial from the video queen herself (lol).


  4. @barryAwells Hey …
    @barryAwells Hey Barry, awww thank you, I am glad the tutorial helped, just watch now as you get some nice commissions on auto pilot, it’s really nice to get real “payment received” emails and not those spammy ones we all hate! Sally :)

  5. @terrydollard hey …
    @terrydollard hey terry ha ha, yep I know you have and it’s a really cool tip! Thanks for commenting, hopefully speak to you soon, Sally :)

  6. Hi Sally, I had to …
    Hi Sally, I had to pop back and let you know that “You’re A Star”. I’ve followed your instructions and now have the Bonus Page in place. I simply love your tutorials Sally. Keep them coming!!!

  7. great video sally.. …
    great video sally…been using this idea of yours for some time now after seeing it on your blog and it works really well…love it…

  8. @barryAwells Hey …
    @barryAwells Hey Barry ha ha, thank you :) Dawn said video queen to me too! I just added this video to youtube, gonna blog about it tonight, just thought I would give people who watch my YT channel a sneaky peek!

    Glad you found it helpful, Sally :)

  9. Hi Sally, another …
    Hi Sally, another fantastic video: Thank you. Never mind your title of Blog Hopping Queen, I think you’re now The Queen of Video tutorials. All I need to do now is find the time to follow your instructions ;)

    Future Readers: Part 2 of the video series is even better than Part 1.

    Thanks again Sally

  10. @RandolfSmith The …
    @RandolfSmith The wonders of powerpoint 2010 ha ha, thanks Randy, Sally :)

  11. Great Video Sally : …
    Great Video Sally :)
    I’ve already copied you on this one…haha – but I’m still off to watch part two and make sure I have it set up right ;)

    OH – and how cool is the video… very professionally done ;)


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