Blood tracks BACK INTO theater


Download the image because link might be temporary:

Screen shot I took and analyzed from Google Maps of the area:

Explaining blood spatter when tracking deer: Confirms vic was running and was running towards the back door:

This is not photoshop. Another photo of the scene from skynews and msnbc:

Pic showing gun and a riot shield not even mentioned by police:×414.jpg

Pink flip flops at the door? Attempted abduction for rape? Girl escaped and was shot as she fled?

My current hypothesis on rape scenario:

Pic of shooter’s clothes and gear near car (may have been disrobed)

Something went down after the massacre outside the theater which suggests an individual went back INTO the theater. Please download, reupload, share, like. Bombshell evidence that there were multiple individuals involved.

Police arrived in 60-90 seconds after first dispatch:

The chief emphasized that there was only ONE shooter, and if they back into this “suspecting another person” (because of the work we’ve done) after how much they stressed there was only one…. Then, fine, we’ve firmly established they don’t know what the they are doing and they need to provide details and atleast a mugshot! Hello?

Eye witness claiming someone let the man in:

Eye witness claiming “must have been two people involved”:

Eye witness corroborating that at least one tear gas can was not likely thrown by the perp:

Obama pitching the official explanation 11 or 12 hours after this went conspiracy-theory “viral”:

Pic clearly indicating that the blood trail intensifies towards the back door:

Duration : 0:12:21

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24 thoughts on “Blood tracks BACK INTO theater

  1. interesting though …
    interesting though how someone, when planning this grand event, knew women and children would be present, killed a six year old but felt the need to tell the police he rigged his apartment with explosive devices! i guess after killing a six year old girl and wounding a three month old baby, all of a sudden human life is extremely valuable and you realise the error of your ways! you then tell cops of rigging your apartment to blow so they wont be harmed! in other words: ive killed enough for now!

  2. more shooters than …
    more shooters than what was reported! the colorado police department had no idea what transpired and did not catch any of the shooters, which left mr holmes! he was the only one left and is the ultimate scapegoat! to save face the police department did not catch the real shooters, found a drug induced human standing around a car,out of his mind and admitted to being witness to the whole thing and arrested him and thats your story!

  3. Is it true that …
    Is it true that someone completely different got a phone call and took that phone call by the exit and then sat back down or did he exit the building out of said exit ….Just asking getting differing details ????

  4. look bot-Left …
    look bot-Left corner. 1 Man in camo w/green gloves, next to him- light colored something on ground creating dust? He’s talking to 2 other men. 1 man walking right. 1 man walking toward them with what appears to be a mop or something long red and wht handled?

  5. There is so many …
    There is so many holes in this story. Ive been investigating, prolly over 5 hours of watching videos. The guy with orange hair might not be james holmes or he is james holmes and didnt do it. Look at all the pictures of supposed james holmes. In lil waynes video: “my homies still”, came out before the shooting and in the video is a movie theater with like 12 skeletons sitting in the chairs. I mean could this all be staged? Fake witnesses, blank rounds? CONSPIRACY either way!

  6. The blood splatter …
    The blood splatter indicate that someone was exiting, not entering, the theater. When the feet hit the ground it pools blood at that point. So I don´t agree with your blood analysis.

  7. I think I may have …
    I think I may have the answer…
    The blood CLEARLY STARTS outside and leads back in..! So, The actual shooter came out and was shot by one of his own… fired back, but, the small trail leading to and converging with the splatters was only a small wound. Therefore he was being chased down TOWARDS the theater. It’s called “No REAL Witness Left Alive!” The shooter was then most probably taken out as one of the dead victims right in front of everyone’s eyes!
    How’s that for CRAZY…?!?!?!

  8. It seems possible …
    It seems possible that there is more than one shooter. The recording the media has played of the 911 calls take out important info. I found a link for the actual recording of the whole thing. It says they have the shooter in custody then it says there’s a shooter in a plaid shirt walking towards sable rd.

  9. not to sound …
    not to sound condescending, but the entire point of the video is to take note of the —-spatter pattern—–.

    There is absolutely no way a arterial blood trail could look like that other than vic bleeding out in full sprint towards the theater that the shooting had taken place in. The big question is “why”. Place Holmes anywhere besides the car, and the official story is bull shit. Blood spatters (meaning it “splashes”) in the direction the blood is heading. Why run towards the theater?

  10. (continued)
    Weren’t …

    Weren’t any medical personnel on scene for a while after the police arrived.

  11. Seems more orobable …
    Seems more orobable that someone was shot in the back of the leg while inside, and exited the theater. This explains why there is no blood on the outside of the door.  There are also audio recordings of police beginning to carry the injured out to their squad cars and transfer them to the hospital because there wer

  12. I found a link …
    I found a link showing a picture of possibly three gas masks. I tried to post the link but it won’t let me

  13. I did not mean to …
    I did not mean to post JFK. I don’t know how to delete my comment

  14. It can’t be a one …
    It can’t be a one man’s job.
    It’s not possible the guards would let anyone get in to theater with all of that combat gear.
    they must have some video of the whole event and they won’t show it.

  15. Maybe he was …
    Maybe he was walking backwords aiming towards the door and he had blood all over his feet and pants, then tripped. Hmm?

  16. Your evidence of …
    Your evidence of shots outside is…. where? He has evidence of what he’s suggesting. Of course he must be crazy if he disagrees with the official story.. go back to sleep, nothing to see here..

  17. I just did exactly …
    I just did exactly what the nut job who made this video did.

  18. well i like the way …
    well i like the way everybody assumes the person whos blood this is was shot in the front and running towards the theater and not in the back running away from the theater

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