GIVEAWAY: Summer Bucket List ($50 in prizes)

0 GIVEAWAY: Summer Bucket List ($50 in prizes)What’s on your Summer 2012 bucket list? Let me know for a chance to win!


1. MUST be a subscriber to his channel
2. Leave a comment detailing your sumer plans/items on your summer bucket list
3. This is an international contest so you must have a valid shipping address
4. Must have parental permission to enter if under the age of 18
5. Do NOT comment more than once a day but feel free to comment once everyday to increase your chances of winning

GIVEAWAY CLOSES ON JULY 17th, 2012! I will be selecting the winner through and with announce the username in an upcoming video!
Thank you for all your support icon smile GIVEAWAY: Summer Bucket List ($50 in prizes)

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16 thoughts on “GIVEAWAY: Summer Bucket List ($50 in prizes)

  1. my plans for summer …
    my plans for summer is to go to a water park in palm springs and hopefully go to disneyland :)

  2. My summer bucket …
    My summer bucket list / goals (No order. Just what I thought of from first to last):
    1. Figure out who I am
    2. Spend as much time as possible with friends!
    3. Save up money to expand my makeup collection.
    4. Be nicer.
    5. Become a somewhat successful youtuber.
    6. Be less shy.
    7. Find who I am fashion wise (I have a lot of clothes that don’t express myself and I don’t really like. I also follow styles too much)
    8. Be a better girlfriend
    9. Go to Six Flags.
    10. Go to Canada.

  3. plans for the …
    plans for the summer : going to the Bahamas in 2 days
    bucket list: help the poor .. go to africa and feed the homelesss
    go skydiving .. also build my own hospital
    dreamm of a 16 year old

  4. 1. one of the …
    1. one of the things on my summer bucketlist is to sleep on a trampoline under the stars with friends : )

  5. My plans for this …
    My plans for this summer is get ready for college and go to the beach a few times.

    My bucket list: Travel thats about it lol

  6. My summer plan is …
    My summer plan is to volunteer at a childrens hospital for the whole summer and during the free time I am just planning to spend time with mmy family and friends <3

  7. On my summer bucket …
    On my summer bucket list :

    See Nicki Minaj in concert ( Got my tickets already )
    Go to the beach
    See the new Batman movie

  8. Thanks for having …
    Thanks for having this giveaway!! :) Well my summer plans are going to the beach and running camp! And my bucket list is: make more videos, be more confident/outgoing, go to a bookstore and put nice notes in books, grow out my hair, have an unplanned date, and just overall be happy! :)

  9. whats on my summer …
    whats on my summer bucket list is to get all of my summer classes good to go! im in a couple of advanced clsses for next year with that being said we started our work over the summer! bleh! on a fun note i hope to try and do as much as possible this summer!

  10. really nice …
    really nice products…I love your hair :D I’m planning to pass my exams ;S

  11. Hi!
    Thank you for …

    Thank you for this giveaway!!
    In this summer I am going to Disneyland Paris and I am so excited!! :D

  12. my summer plan is …
    my summer plan is learning Japanese ♥ because i love their food, fashion, culture…I love Japan.. and i hope i have a trip to Japan in the future ♥

  13. Have a successful …
    Have a successful YouTube channel and Blog! ;)
    I really hope to win this giveaway!!! : )

    Thanks! <333

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