Review: S.H.Figuarts – Shinken Gold

0 Review: S.H.Figuarts   Shinken GoldYes, he came with a Kuroko, and yes I forgot to include it in the review, check out the ShinkenRed review: if you want to see Kuroko-chan.

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Umemori Genta! Everyone’s favorite sushi seller has arrived! Second in the series of Shinkenger S.H.Figuarts, the sixth hero has graced us with his presence in a non exclusive form. Shinken Red was received with mix reviews, with some people thinking he was “too brittle.” Well I’m happy to say that, despite being the same mold, Shinken Gold trumps Shinken Red in a battle of epic proportions.

Overall, Shinken Gold is a must have for Shinkenger fans, especially if you enjoyed Genta’s character, or expect to like Antonio’s character in Samurai (supposedly he’s toned down for Samurai.) Between the beautiful gold paint used, the excellent articulation and sculpt, and the stellar accessories included, Shinken Gold is a release that no Shinkenger fan should miss. Highly, highly recommended.

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25 thoughts on “Review: S.H.Figuarts – Shinken Gold

  1. god can’t find any …
    god can’t find any at any of my toys r us and it sort of sucks that it doesn’t come with the sushi changer but way ever it is still fricin AWESOME i need to get it som how

  2. I saw this at Toys …
    I saw this at Toys R Us today. I’m kinda regretting not buying it.

  3. are you going to …
    are you going to get the super shinken red that is coming out this april?

  4. it is settle imma …
    it is settle imma buy gold rather than red or all of them

  5. I want shinken gold …
    I want shinken gold for christmas i saw one in the store so im gonna go ask my aunbt or my moms friend to get it for me

  6. Good review. I was …
    Good review. I was only going to buy shinken red at the store but decided to pick up shinken gold on a “Meh, what the hell, might as well get both” mind.

    Shinken Gold is definitely the better of the two. The quality, detail and accessories turned out better than Shinken Red in my books.

    I just don’t understand why the sword wasn’t made to just slide into the scabbard.

    At least these two made it to the United States. Of course my favorite Shinkenger is actually Kaoru ;)

  7. You can find …
    You can find Shinken Red and Gold now in American Toys R’ Us stores now.

  8. hase anyone done a …
    hase anyone done a review of shinken yellow and pink in sh figuarts !!!!!

  9. yeah that is a …
    yeah that is a really nice box. The figure looks really nice too. Nice review.

  10. i hate the way the …
    i hate the way the legs look at the top but looks cool

  11. LOL I wonder if …
    LOL I wonder if Shinken Blue’s box would have Ryunosuke Ikenami/Kevin. That would be hilarious!

  12. I agree. The design …
    I agree. The design is great. And it works well on Figuarts, especially waist and upper torso joints. It’s because Goseiger has white waist so it makes a perfect Figuart. It depends though. Maybe next year when American version airs and it might be popular there’s a chance we get to see Goseiger Figuart!

  13. I strongly dislike …
    I strongly dislike what fans made of Shinkenger but I definitely do want ShinkenGold figuart, and I hear Gokaiger is getting an SHF line soon as well. I personally would look forward to a Goseiger figuart, despite peoples personal dislike with the series their designs make excellent figuarts.

  14. They could just …
    They could just edit out the scenes with pre-Zyuranger characters.

  15. I am very exited to …
    I am very exited to own an athletic young man in a spandex catsuit with a buttblug.

  16. so shukuen u see …
    so shukuen u see the first offical pics of ooo putotyra figuarts…..its lookin pretty awesome

  17. I agree that the …
    I agree that the blue is just a little too dark. Great review!

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