WordPress Review Plugin and Theme Setup

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Here’s how we go over setting up WordPress Product Review Sites using the various plugins and themes, and how to fill up these sites with content.

List of Resources used:

ReviewPress: http://bit.ly/bOyiua
WP Robot: http://bit.ly/8ZO8EU
Reviewazon: http://bit.ly/9gUCDd
Wordpress Review Theme: http://bit.ly/cvp1pw
NicheReviewTemplates: http://bit.ly/bJldo9

This is one of my favorite online money making techniques. It’s works with any niche that you’re in. In fact, it favors the little guy who often has smaller yet much more targeted traffic at their disposal. Use that to your advantage and skyrocket your conversion ratios. This can be used even if you have just a small little blogspot personal blog and things of that nature.

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6 thoughts on “WordPress Review Plugin and Theme Setup

  1. Unfortunately …
    Unfortunately MyReviewPlugin requires a key. The plugin then calls home to validate your copy. If the license server validates your product. if the license server goes down, your plugin also goes.

  2. Do you know of some …
    Do you know of some good free themes? Also, what software do you use to record your desktop?

  3. this was a great …
    this was a great video and the information you give out was just wonderful and so helpful.

  4. Great information …
    Great information and it was presented properly ….

    Great job… I already was going to buy WP-robot
    but now I need these other tools.

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