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0 WP Promo Tools Plugin Demo Videohttp://thedutchmarketer.com/wp-promo-tools-and-upsell-pages-plugins/

WP Promo Tools and WP Instant Upsell Plugin Are Released

Wp promo tools and Wp instant upsell page creating plugins are created by the team of WordPress for Marketers. They have made another set of great plugins who will be huge time savers, and not only that but they work amazingly and are simple to use.

Mark Hess and co creator Matt Mood have done it again by delivering some top notch products for all marketers who are creating and selling products. From themselves with WP Promo Tools and others with Wp Instant Upsell.

Read the text from the sales page below and watch the Video’s. Then get the offer for a give away price. http://thedutchmarketer.com/wp-promo-tools-and-upsell-pages-plugins/

WP Instant Upsell Plugin is complementary for the Wp Promo Tools plugin

To Complete your sales pages you should get the WP Instant Upsell Plugin. This will allow you to create upsell offers (pages) to any link for a product or offer of your choice. You will get high converting sales pages once your customers went through the first offer you made with the WP Promo Tools Plugin.

So to create stunning sales and upsell pages om any WP theme You first have to get the WP Promo Tools Plugin then come back to this page and get the WP Instant Upsell Plugin. The Prices are extremely low for the quality which you get delivered.

Get your Copy’s while the offer lasts. The prices will be rising because these are dime sale offers. So the price goes up every few sales. But these are must have products for your sales arsenal. You will see your sales going up for sure by using these plugins.

Created by Mark Hess and Matt Mood, two Internet Veterans who already have some great products on their name. This is a must have for every marketer who takes his/her business seriously.
First Step:

Second Step:

Third Step:
Get those Sales coming in and keep an eye on your bank account icon smile WP Promo Tools Plugin Demo Video

Have fun with the plugins and save time and money by using them.

Frank van Zon – The Dutch Marketer – Internet Marketing Tips
Ps You will get my TDM Traffic plugin as a bonus with The Wp Promo Tools Offer

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