Galactic Family Of Light Manuscript Of Survival Part 174 July 27 2012

0 Galactic Family Of Light Manuscript Of Survival Part 174 July 27 2012

First of all, let us just say that today will be an important day in many people’s life, as today will signal the start of another important inducement of energy. It will not be apparent at first, but the underlying current of this transformational energy is of such a magnitude it will literally blast off the covers of all the hidden layers of untruth still lingering in the corners of mankind. We talk in riddles, as always, but trust us when we say that this seemingly quiet morning will soon take on a life on its own, and soon the undercurrents will become visible to all. Much has been done to restore the future of mankind, but still much has been left untouched. It will not be so for long, as the powers that will be unleashed very soon will enable a total reassessment of everything.

You see, so much has been kept hidden from the eyes of the citizens of this little planet, as the powers that rules over you have had so many benefits from this charade they have been playing out. You have only seen the tip of the proverbial iceberg in the goings on around you, but that is to be forever changed by events that will literally turn the light on in even the darkest corners of your homes. This will not be an undramatic event of course, and many will fear the consequences of all of this disclosure, to call it that. But just as an infected wound needs to be exposed to clean air and sunlight to be cleansed, so too your civilization needs to face its innermost, deepest and horribly infected wounds in order to rinse out the particles of miasma collected there before becoming whole again. The process in itself is never a comfortable one, but it is indeed vital. Otherwise, the corruption will never cease, and the wound will never heal.

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Galactic Federation Of Light SaLuSa July 18 2012

0 Galactic Federation Of Light SaLuSa July 18 2012

For some time now we have been limiting the extent to which the dark Ones can interfere with your progress towards Ascension. Working with our allies, we have given them every opportunity to go forward with the changes. However there is still hesitancy in some quarters, but we wish to assure you that the time has come for you to take action. We know that you can succeed, and we will be overseeing what takes place. All of the Light forces are lined up against the dark Ones, and will ensure that you are able to complete your objectives to remove those who stand in your way. These measures will be the commencement of a whole string of moves to propel you into the New Age. What is happening is part of your battle against those who have plotted your demise, and it is important that you are seen to overcome them. Whatever course you adopt you will succeed, but we want you to abide by the “rules” that have been laid down. You do not need to meet fire with fire, as you have the Law on your side along with us and many great Beings of Light.

With so much Light reaching you, we find consciousness levels are rising and many souls are being awakened as a result. This is wonderful news as it means the Forces of Light are growing all of the time, and dissipating the lower energies that the dark Ones feed upon. You must have noticed that when you meet Lightworkers they carry an air of calmness that is very uplifting. That Dear Ones is where you will all eventually find yourselves, and you will know that you have at last found the peace you have been seeking. No one can take it away from you, as it becomes a powerful state of being that is also your protection. Be true to your Higher Self and do your best to live your life as you envisage one who has ascended.

Again we remind you how powerful your thoughts are, and that it is you who are creating your own future. In particular guard against allowing your emotions to run away with you when confronted by challenging situations. In the heat of the moment Humans tend to lose their composure, and end up doing or saying things they later regret. Negative reactions damage your own aura and lower your Light levels, and it takes time to recover. Sometimes it is best not to get too involved in personal argument, or at least to know when to pull out. There are often no winners on such occasions, and it is only your ego that will feel hurt. In extreme cases of loss of temper, there are also the inevitable lessons to be learnt that will come back to you in the form of karma. That is indeed what life is about and is intended to help you along your evolutionary path.

Duration : 0:7:8

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GIVEAWAY: Summer Bucket List ($50 in prizes)

0 GIVEAWAY: Summer Bucket List ($50 in prizes)What’s on your Summer 2012 bucket list? Let me know for a chance to win!


1. MUST be a subscriber to his channel
2. Leave a comment detailing your sumer plans/items on your summer bucket list
3. This is an international contest so you must have a valid shipping address
4. Must have parental permission to enter if under the age of 18
5. Do NOT comment more than once a day but feel free to comment once everyday to increase your chances of winning

GIVEAWAY CLOSES ON JULY 17th, 2012! I will be selecting the winner through and with announce the username in an upcoming video!
Thank you for all your support icon smile GIVEAWAY: Summer Bucket List ($50 in prizes)

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Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance – JF12 Long Trailer (Eng. Subs)

0 Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance   JF12 Long Trailer (Eng. Subs)Original Translations by sqexgal:
Originally from Square Enix:

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(Revised) Translation Transcript:

[Darkness becomes Light, Light drops into Darkness]
Yen Sid: Master Xehanort was a genius Keyblade Master, altering his form several times and standing in the way of the Keyblade Wielders protecting the Light. However it is not over yet.
Riku: This is…
Sora: This is…
Riku: Traverse Town?
Sora: Traverse Town?
Riku: My clothes changed…
Sora: Huh, my clothes changed!
Riku: Sora!
Sora: Riku!
Riku: Where are you, Sora!?
Sora: Heeey! Rikuuu!
Joshua: It appears this world we’re in right now has been split clean in two.
Neku: Sakuraba Neku. That’s my name.
Sora: Sakuraba… Neku… What a cool name!
Neku: It’s nothing special.
Shiki: You’ll just have to protect defenseless little ol’ me, won’t you? Mr. Knight?
Riku: Kn-knight? I’m no such thing!
Shiki: …You really have to learn how to take a joke.
Mickey: Maleficent! What in the world do you want?
Maleficent: You know of Xehanort, don’t you?
Mickey: What do you want with him?
Maleficent: It was he who told me- about the seven pure hearts of light that exist in worlds. With all seven lights in my possession, the worlds will soon be mine!
Pinocchio: Huh? What’s happened to my nose?
Jiminy: You must have told a lie.
Pinocchio: I didn’t lie! Someone in a black coat told me to play with Sora here!
Frollo: You must never leave this place. This is your only sanctuary.
Sora: This is a Keybla-
Mickey: Shh! I know. You’re from another world, aren’t you? To tell you the truth, I’ve got my own reasons for being a musketeer in this world.
Sora: Is this a world in a time when the King doesn’t know me?
Riku: Minnie!
Rhyme: It doesn’t bother me at all! I just need a little reminder, and my memories will return immediately.
Beat: Come on out, Dream Eater!
Sora: Hey Neku, that’s a Dream Eater too, right?
Neku: Yeah. You can use them too, can’t you Sora?
Riku: You can’t escape!
Sora: You!
Neku: Hey! This isn’t what we promised!
Sora: Stop, Neku! Why… am I… so… tired…?
Sora: Let’s go!
Yen Sid: On the first journey, the worlds engulfed in darkness were restored. However, for some amongst them it was incomplete and they remained sleeping. With no gates able to reach them, even the Heartless could not invade. Therefore instead of the Heartless, the darkness that plague the majority of worlds, there exists a different darkness in the worlds trapped in slumber. They are the creatures that consume dreams, the Dream Eaters. Among the Dream Eaters, those that plant nightmares and thrive upon dreams are called Nightmares. However, friendly ones known as Spirits that consume only nightmares exist as well. It is said that just like the Heartless lead you to the door to the heart of the worlds, these two existences will guide you to the keyholes of the sleeping worlds.
Sora: This is the place Yen Sid spoke of, within the world’s dream that it can’t wake from. If we don’t wake them up, we can’t get back to our own world.
Joshua: Another world, exactly the same and entirely different. To think of just one possible answer, one could say it’s almost like…
Riku: A dream?
Riku: What?
Sora: Pinocchio! Jiminy!
Mickey: That’s as far as you go, Pete!
Donald: We won’t let you get away with this!
Joshua: I know you’re not gonna lose. Isn’t that right, Neku? If you give up on yourself, it’s the same as giving up on the whole world.
Riku: Why are you-!
Lea: Guess I have no choice but to go look then. I always get stuck with the icky jobs.
Quasimodo: Frollo is on his way here.
Phoebus: You need to leave immediately.
Frollo: Well done, Captain Phoebus.
Riku: Is that supposed to be Mickey and the others? No matter what world they’re in, they’re always together.
Pinochio: Goodbye, Jiminy…
Jiminy: Goodbye? Then I guess we’re both going to end up whale chow, because I’m going with you.
Mickey: All for one
Mickey, Donald, Goofy and Sora: And one for all!
Riku: People can’t judge you by your appearance. I have a friend who saw me through my heart as well.
Sora: Don’t worry! Even if I’m not with Riku, our hearts are connected. Yoshiya, I know your feelings will get through to him!
Riku: Who are you?
Riku: Me!?
Xemnas: Even within a heartless puppet, a heart resides…
Sora: Don’t you have hearts too?
Lea: My name is Lea. Got it memorized?
Riku: Who… are you?
Young Xehanort: Haven’t you confined their hearts as well?
Sora: You’re from that time! What are you talking about?
Young Xehanort and Vanitas: Your heart is the exception.

Duration : 0:8:3

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