The Swedish Diet Commercial (60 Second Spot)

0 The Swedish Diet Commercial (60 Second Spot)Lose weight fast and healthy with the Swedish Diet. It’s fast, easy and affordable.

Duration : 0:1:1

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CoverFlux2 Slideshow Plugin for Final Cut Pro, Motion, FCE & Adobe After Effects

0 CoverFlux2 Slideshow Plugin for Final Cut Pro, Motion, FCE & Adobe After Effects

We have all seen the gorgeous scrolling image carousel that iTunes and Finder uses. CoverFlux reproduces that slideshow effect for still images, producing movies & project files for Final Cut Pro, Motion, Final Cut Express & After Effects.

CoverFlux2 has been completely re-written, redefining this signature browsing slideshow with stunning new visual effects. It’s faster with over 10 unique features added:

Load, reorder and rename the files using the built in file browser. Select the depth of the stack, the number, the angle and even the depth of field of the display. Add round corners, soft edges and even a travelling gloss to highlight edges. Display with square or round corners, make them soft or use your own mask. Use the full XYZ camera movement & rotation to fly around the stack whilst animating. Choose the auto-animation feature or manual keyframe control to jump forward or backwards to any image in the stack.

What’s New?

Browser based loading, editing and reordering of images.

Choice of image resolution handling.

Three animation modes including fully auto and manual keyframing.

Start and end on chosen image.

Stack depth.

Stack spread.

Angle of images.

Completely configurable reflections.

Reflection now allows compositing on backgrounds other than black.

Blurring of images for shallow depth of field look.

Desaturation of images within stack in Z space.

Animating highlight gloss on images with adjustments.

Rounded corners.

Soft edges.

Custom mask.

Static or dynamic titles.

Title effects.

Supported Hosts
Works with Final Cut Studio

Final Cut Pro 6 or 7 Motion 3 or 4 Final Cut Express 4
Adobe After Effects (Mac)
8.0 or later (CS3)
9.0 or later (CS4)
10.0 or later (CS5)

Mac OS X Snow Leopard
Version 10.6.3

Mac with Intel processor
A supported Graphics Card.

Duration : 0:0:59

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Superbike KTM RC8 Commercial

0 Superbike KTM RC8 CommercialThe KTM 1190 RC8 is a 1148 cc (70 cu in) v-twin sport bike manufactured by KTM.[1]. It is the Austrian manufacturer’s first-ever Superbike design.
The first concept of the bike appeared in 2005, the concept bike was powered by the Super Duke 999 cc (60.9 cu in) v-twin, the bike capacity was increased to 1148 cc (70 cu in) for the production version. The bike features a steel trellis frame with a cast aluminium seat subframe. The suspension uses high-end upside-down forks and an alloy, double-sided swingarm manufactured by WP, a KTM subsidiary. The bike comes in two colours, the traditional KTM orange and a white and black version.
At the launch of the RC8 superbike KTM announced it will race in the RC8 in the FIM Superstock championship in 2008. KTM’s two year plan is to get the bike regularly on the podium in superstock before moving up to the Superbike World Championship.

Duration : 0:2:23

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