Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugin | Easy Azon – Amazon WordPress Plugin

0 Amazon Affiliate Wordpress Plugin | Easy Azon   Amazon Wordpress PluginClick Here, ,Easy Azon – Amazon WordPress Plugin.Do you like the idea of having your own online store, but you do not want the expense and inconvenience of buying, storing and shipping out stock? If you have answered “yes” to the above question, earning commissions as an Amazon affiliate could be just what you are looking for.

The first major advantage of partnering with Amazon is that just about everyone is familiar with them. But what is of more importance is the fact that generally speaking, people have trust in Amazon – and they would not have any issues about making a purchase from them.

Once upon a time Amazon was associated with selling books only. However if you visited the Amazon site recently you cannot fail to have noticed the wide and diverse range of products available to buy within their market place.

So just how can you have a small slice of the Amazon pie?

Well firstly, you must have your own website or blog.

If you do not already have your own site, you have two options. The first is to consider building a website or blog based around a subject you are knowledgeable about, then go on to incorporate selected Amazon products within your site content. For example, if you decided to create a site about cat care, you could promote cat games, food packs, cat care books and items such as cat beds and litter trays etc. These items would obviously be of interest to your site visitors, thus increasing the likelihood of them making a purchase.

Your second option is to create a website or blog based entirely around promoting a range of related Amazon products, incorporating helpful reviews and key search terms.

What ever you decide, it is crucial that you first carry out some research and try to identify some of the more niche markets you can target from the Amazon market place. It would be pretty safe to say that unless you are an expert in Search Engine Optimization, you would be wasting your time trying to set up a website promoting highly popular (and extremely high competition) items such as games consoles. However exploring a range of items from something like the outdoor activities section could well uncover a relatively untapped niche market for you to build your site around.

Once you have set up your website or blog you can apply to become an Amazon affiliate. Once accepted, Amazon will provide you with your own unique code for inclusion in your site directly linking to which ever items you want to sell. You will be paid a commission every time anyone visits the Amazon site through one of your links, and goes on to make a purchase.

And of course there is no reason why you should stop at setting up just one Amazon affiliate website. There are so many different categories within the Amazon market place that it is possible to create multiple sites, each focussing on a different product range.

As long as you take some time to research your proposed website theme and you ensure your content is search engine friendly, you will find that being an Amazon affiliate can be a profitable and relatively maintenance free method of earning online.

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WordPress Affiliate Plugin – WP E-Commerce Affiliate Plugin

0 Wordpress Affiliate Plugin   WP E Commerce Affiliate Plugin BY More Than A WordPress Affiliate Plugin
Magic Affiliate is a premium WordPress Affiliate Plugin that allows you to have unlimited sales team for your products. Only thing that you should do is to set the commission level for your affiliates and watch the growing money in your bank.

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Turn Your WordPress Blog into an Online Shop or Affiliate Store with ShopperPress

0 Turn Your WordPress Blog into an Online Shop or Affiliate Store with ShopperPressVisit to find out more about this fantastic WordPress e-commerce theme.


The ShopperPress theme, unlike many other ecommerce premium WordPress themes on the market, offers it’s users a wide range of fantastic options. Most notably, you can use your ShopperPress theme to:

– create an unlimited amount of online shops
– create an unlimited amount of Amazon/eBay/CJ affiliate stores
– create an unlimited amount of software/mp3/infomation download sites

And much much more…

ShopperPress also has a wonderful set of payment gateway options which enables it to work seamlessly with PayPal, Google Checkout, as well as a whole host of other payment gateways. ShopperPress really is the future of hassle-free ecommerce.

So, if you’ve wanted to know how to:

- setup an online shop?
- build an affiliate site?
- start your own download website?

ShopperPress is the answer.

Please visit: for more information about this premium WordPress theme.

See our channel for the lastest ShopperPress discount coupon code

If you want the best ecommerce shopping cart solution for you, get ShopperPress. It has never been easier to start an online business with your ecommerce-website. Get your storefront up and running in minutes! Get the best WordPress shopping cart plugin for you and your business!

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WP Deployment Software 2.0 Live Demonstration Video

0 WP Deployment Software 2.0 Live Demonstration VideoWatch this LIVE DEMONSTRATION of the new WordPress builder, WP Deployment Software 2.0 deploying a complete affiliate WordPress blog, from start to finish. It takes less than 5 minutes to set up and is a MUST have if you build WordPress blogs for affiliate marketing.

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Internet Marketing For Dummies – WordPress Setup Blog Part 1

0 Internet Marketing For Dummies   Wordpress Setup Blog Part 1Free Twitter Widgets Download @

Join the widget revolution now before is too late…

Must Do Things in Starting to Make a Killer WordPress Blog

After you setup a WordPress blog some basic things including plugins and some optimization in theme is necessary to run smooth and enjoy blogging, so here we are discussing a list of 20 things which must be done after a blog setup on WordPress.

1. Install All In One SEO Pack Plugin, first step is to optimize the SEO of your blog Install the latest version of All In One SEO Pack WordPress plugin and fill up the fields highly careful like keywords and blog description because it does all the things of SEO after you setup it, if not comfortable with All in one SEO you may go for other plugin options in WordPress. see here for setting up all in one SEO

2. Design of your blog, You may obviously go for a free WordPress theme which are available and in also theme search option in WordPress and optimize it your own way. But giving a Unique design to your blog is the best way to give a different look than other WordPress blog and you should consider these points in designing a blog.

3. Custom Permalink Structure, in the beginning WordPress uses a default permalink which is but from SEO point of view these two structures are good if you change your permalinks after you get indexed in other site that links will be broken and you may face a 404 pages which i faced it is also possible to redirect them by permalink redirection plugin but why to take a stake just change it in the start. see here for redirecting permalink.

4. Defining Categories, decide on the basis of complete overview that what are you going to write on your blog and then define categories dedicated to the content. you may add it afterward but changing structure many time affect and keep the number of categories to 15-20.

5. Add an About me Page, many of the blogger discussed about that how important is an about me page so add a neat and clean about me page of your blog.

6. Add FeedBurner feed to blog, it is very important to make a feed of your blog so that your daily visitors can subscribe to your blog and get updated directly in their email or in bookmarks.

7. Add plugin FeedBurner FeedSmith, this FeedBurner FeedSmith plugin helps you by detecting all ways of access to your blog and redirect them to your feeds page in feedburner so the to keep track of your every visitor/subscriber.

8. Add a RSS icon to your blog, by doing the above two steps you have done with your feeds but now don’t forget to add a RSS icon on your blog page either in header somewhere or on the top of sidebar which is the best place for RSS. you ca get many RSS icon for free here.

9. Install plugin Google Sitemaps, this plugin does 90% of your job for generating and submitting your sitemaps to different search engine this plugin have many option like setting priority and all that which helps you to take control over you sitemap the plugin generated sitemap is compatible with, Google, MSN Search and YAHOO.

10. Write a Robots.txt file for your blog, we have already discussed how important a robots.txt file is for your blog so after generating sitemap by google sitemap you must create a good robots.txt.

Make $200 To $500/Day By Giving Away This FREE Awesome Affiliate Marketing Ebook!

Free Twitter Widgets Download @

Join the widget revolution now before is too late…

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