Installing WordPress 3 – Lucid Nerd Tutorial

0 Installing WordPress 3   Lucid Nerd TutorialHow to install WordPress 3 on Windows or Mac OSX. In this Lucid Nerd tutorial I will cover downloading and installing WordPress on your computer in WAMP or MAMP for local web development. I will show you how to make a database to hold WordPress and how to correctly edit the WordPress wp-config file so your installation of WordPress will run smoothly.




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The Lucid Nerd is a channel offering beginner computer tutorials covering everything form computer basics to web development and computer programming.


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143 Admin Menus, Database interaction and Uninstall.php – ‘How to Write a WordPress Plugin’ Series

0 143 Admin Menus, Database interaction and Uninstall.php   How to Write a WordPress Plugin Series

Welcome to this tutorial series from King Solutions on “How to Write a WordPress Plugin”.

In this series we’ll take a look at exactly what it takes to build plugins for WordPress.

In this lesson we will be taking what we have learned so far about admin menus, combining this knowledge with our Text to Hyperlink lesson, saving the user data in the WordPress database, retrieving that data, parsing page contents for a keyword and changing that keyword to a hyperlink.

In the last few years the powerful open source WordPress software has become very popular, not just for basic blogs but for full blown web environments. This has been made possible to a large part by the extensibility provided by the WordPress Plugin API interface.

Duration : 0:19:10

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How WordPress Works

0 How WordPress WorksHow does a WordPress blog work? From the browser to the server to PHP to MySQL to themes to users. Shared hosting vs. VPS hosting. Explanation of web servers.

Duration : 0:3:5

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