Stupid Mix Tricks – with John Merchant 2 of 3

0 Stupid Mix Tricks   with John Merchant 2 of 3Multi-Platinum’s Stupid Mix Tricks is not another dry, technical, instructional video. Rather, it’s full of off-center, unusual, even just plain “stupid” tips, tricks, and techniques.

No small part of what engineers do is finding new and innovative ways to manipulate sounds. If you give your audience the same thing every time, they’ll likely become bored. Applying some of these techniques to your sessions can inspire your artists, producers, even your audience and bring a new spark of creative energy to your production.

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Mario Paint – Through the Fire and Flames – Dragonforce

0 Mario Paint   Through the Fire and Flames   DragonforceThanks guys for getting me 5 million hits on this video. It’s quite crazy to think about to think, I was 14 when I made this video.

Q:How long did this take you?
A: Roughly 15 hours of overall work spread out through 5 to 7 days.

Q: Will you ever re-do this in MPC V2?
A: Probably not. I dislike the song enough as it is.

Q: If you dislike this song, then why did you do it?
A: My friend actually asked me to do it as a joke so I did it.

Q: You must have a lot of free time on your hands.
A: Well I made this when I was 14 but admittedly, yes I do have more free time than the avarage 17 year old. I usually spend my free time being productive though.

Q: Can you play any instruments?
A: I’ve been playing Piano for around 5 to 6 years and I’ve been teaching myself Guitar since February this year (2011). I also play around on bass every now and then when I feel like it.

Q: Where’s the bouncing Mario?
A: This is a PC programme made to replicate the original SNES version of the Mario Paint Composer but ridding it of several limitations.

Q: Where do I get this programme?
Just unzip it.

Duration : 0:7:57

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