Simple Google Maps Plugin for WordPress

0 Simple Google Maps Plugin for WordPressSimpleMap is the most advanced, most customizable and the most actively updated Google Maps plugin for WordPress. SimpleMap’s primary goal is to simplify the Google Map experience within WordPress for site administrators, visitors, and developers alike.

SimpleMap’s General Options page, shortcode API, and custom import / export feature gives the site administrator unrepresented control over the display and functionality of Google Maps on their WordPress powered web site.

As a site administrator, you can modify an array of options and default setting including but not limited to the map location, search radius, map type, and map size.

Our shortcode interface allows you to overide default setting for single maps, modify the search box properties, and control advanced features.

The import / export system within SimpleMap allows administrators to quickly and intuitively add multiple locations to the database at once by updating a CSV file. Our CSV format is extremely flexible, allowing you to import almost any existing CSV while mapping only the data you need for your locations. We even allow you to create location categories and tags on the fly by simply including them in your CSV file.

Exporting your data is as simple as clicking a single button. Your data will always be yours for the keeping. As an added bonus, SimpleMap’s location data and general options are included in all core WordPress exports.

Of course, adding locations manually is easy as well. Using WordPress’ build in API for custom post types and taxonomies, administrators will find the user interface both familiar and intuitive. Simply provide as much of the information as you have available and SimpleMap will do the rest for you. If Google’s map API doesn’t pinpoint your location correctly, use our draggable fine tuning widget to perfect your location’s position on the map.

Visitors to your WordPress site will experience an uneventful and satisfying interaction with your maps due to our intuitive interface, our adherence to web standards, and our clear communication at each point in their search.

Site visitors have complete control over the search fields that you have provided them from within the main search form or through the available widget. Browsing the results is simple and visitors have access to all the location data via on-map dialogues as well as a detailed list.

If your visitors are looking for directions to your location, we’ve provided that as well. Their start point is auto-generated by your map’s default start position or the location they provided within the search form.

SimpleMap offers even greater flexibility to developers familiar with PHP, WordPress hooks, and Javascript. Our code is immaculately presented and follows the WordPress coding guidelines to make it easy to navigate. A large portion of the code is accessible to the developer without modifying core pluign files through the use of WordPress filters and actions. This includes but is not limited to search forms, HTML elements, and MySQL queries.

If the developer is familiar with the Google Maps API or able to follow directions, further customization of location markers is also available.

Additionally, SimpleMap provides CSS designers the ability to include their own SimpleMap themes that automatically get presented as additional options in the dashboard interface. These developer features all contribute to making SimpleMap the most advanced and configurable mapping plugin for WordPress.

Although the forums are an excellent location to report bugs, and to ask simple questions, you will be happy to know that SimpleMap also provides a Premium Support contract.

We’re extremely proud about the way we implemented this service, allowing you to sign up with one click. After paying via PayPal, you will be redirected back to the premium support page inside your WordPress installation and find that you’ve instantly been given access to our premium support forums.

Our premium support forums grant you privileged access to the SimpleMap team as well as a growing Knowledge Base.

In addition to forum access, your premium support status will grant you advance access to new SimpleMap features. While all of these features will eventually hit the version of SimpleMap, premium support subscribers will average about a 6 month head start.

Upgrading SimpleMap to gain access to these advance features is as easy and familiar as updating any other WordPress plugin. Once you’ve made your payment via paypal, simply look for the upgrade notice in your WordPress dashboard and initiate the upgrade from there. It’s that simple.

So, whether you’re looking to simplify life for your site visitors, administrators, or developers, SimpleMap is the key to your success. Find us by using the keyword ‘SimpleMap’ in the plugin directory or from within your WordPress admin.

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