Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugin | Easy Azon – Amazon WordPress Plugin

0 Amazon Affiliate Wordpress Plugin | Easy Azon   Amazon Wordpress PluginClick Here, ,Easy Azon – Amazon WordPress Plugin.Do you like the idea of having your own online store, but you do not want the expense and inconvenience of buying, storing and shipping out stock? If you have answered “yes” to the above question, earning commissions as an Amazon affiliate could be just what you are looking for.

The first major advantage of partnering with Amazon is that just about everyone is familiar with them. But what is of more importance is the fact that generally speaking, people have trust in Amazon – and they would not have any issues about making a purchase from them.

Once upon a time Amazon was associated with selling books only. However if you visited the Amazon site recently you cannot fail to have noticed the wide and diverse range of products available to buy within their market place.

So just how can you have a small slice of the Amazon pie?

Well firstly, you must have your own website or blog.

If you do not already have your own site, you have two options. The first is to consider building a website or blog based around a subject you are knowledgeable about, then go on to incorporate selected Amazon products within your site content. For example, if you decided to create a site about cat care, you could promote cat games, food packs, cat care books and items such as cat beds and litter trays etc. These items would obviously be of interest to your site visitors, thus increasing the likelihood of them making a purchase.

Your second option is to create a website or blog based entirely around promoting a range of related Amazon products, incorporating helpful reviews and key search terms.

What ever you decide, it is crucial that you first carry out some research and try to identify some of the more niche markets you can target from the Amazon market place. It would be pretty safe to say that unless you are an expert in Search Engine Optimization, you would be wasting your time trying to set up a website promoting highly popular (and extremely high competition) items such as games consoles. However exploring a range of items from something like the outdoor activities section could well uncover a relatively untapped niche market for you to build your site around.

Once you have set up your website or blog you can apply to become an Amazon affiliate. Once accepted, Amazon will provide you with your own unique code for inclusion in your site directly linking to which ever items you want to sell. You will be paid a commission every time anyone visits the Amazon site through one of your links, and goes on to make a purchase.

And of course there is no reason why you should stop at setting up just one Amazon affiliate website. There are so many different categories within the Amazon market place that it is possible to create multiple sites, each focussing on a different product range.

As long as you take some time to research your proposed website theme and you ensure your content is search engine friendly, you will find that being an Amazon affiliate can be a profitable and relatively maintenance free method of earning online.

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Strap on the WordPress Jetpack and Take Off

0 Strap on the WordPress Jetpack and Take OffIn this WordPress Training Video, I will demonstrate the Jetpack Plugin by WordPress. It is a terrific little plugin that will explode your WordPress blog out of the universe. Ok, that was cheese, but actually it’s blast worthy!
When I first heard about the Jetpack plugin, I was like, HUH! I don’t quite understand what the deal is. Why would I need anything has to offer on my blog, psssh!
So I ignored the plugin and moved on. But over time the WordPress junkie in me sucked me back in and forced me to download it.  I’m glad, its rad.
The WordPress Jetpack  has brought to the table a few of the must have plugins your WordPress Blog should have; Hover Avatars, Share buttons, Stats and a Proof Reading!
I now think the Jetpack plugin is lovely, and I will place on all my WordPress Sites.
So here is the Official  WordPress JetPack write-up:
Jetpack is a WordPress plugin that supercharges your self-hosted WordPress site with the wondrous-cloud power of

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WP Social SEO Booster Plugin

0 WP Social SEO Booster PluginCritical SEO WordPress Plugin considered a must have for every WordPress Blog you own. The WP Social SEO Booster plugin covers the void left by other SEO plugins which do not yet cope with the Post Google Penguin environment.

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Sharebar – Must have WordPress plugins

0 Sharebar   Must have Wordpress pluginsSharebar is a sidebar with buttons to the social networking sites, Facebook, Twitter, Google +1 and more. It’s great for involving social signals to your website for SEO and more traffic.

This is the first video of Must Have WordPress Plugins featuring the best WordPress plugins which I recommend everyone installs.

Welcome to another video, on must have WordPress plugins. Today’s must have WordPress plugin is Sharebar. Sharebar adds a sidebar or a vertical box to the left side of a blog post and it adds the popular social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and Digg. So when people are reading your post and they enjoy it, then they can click any of the social icons on the sidebar to increase your traffic.

To install sharebar, from your dashboard you need to hover over plugins, click add new, in the search term area you then type ‘share’ and ‘bar’ then press search plugins. It should be the first one that comes up, so when you see it click install now. Click ok, and it will now start installing the plugin, when it’s finished installing the plugin just click activate and now when you hover over settings, you should see the sharebar icon.

Here you can edit the plugin, add some buttons, it’s all up to you. Now, when I go back to my website, open up a post, you can now see the social icons as a sidebar down below.

So as you can see its kind of missing Google plus. So, if I Google, ‘Google plus one code’, click the first link. I’m going to change the annotation to bubble, make it tall, then i’m going to copy the code. I’m going to add a new button, paste the code in the big button and small button section, name it Google, then I want to click add button. I want to go back to the button, click edit and make sure it’s enabled then update the button. So now when you go to a post and refresh, you should see the Google Plus One.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and if you did, please like this video and comment. Thank you.

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Stupid Mix Tricks – with John Merchant 2 of 3

0 Stupid Mix Tricks   with John Merchant 2 of 3Multi-Platinum’s Stupid Mix Tricks is not another dry, technical, instructional video. Rather, it’s full of off-center, unusual, even just plain “stupid” tips, tricks, and techniques.

No small part of what engineers do is finding new and innovative ways to manipulate sounds. If you give your audience the same thing every time, they’ll likely become bored. Applying some of these techniques to your sessions can inspire your artists, producers, even your audience and bring a new spark of creative energy to your production.

Learn more at

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WP Magic Black Box Plugin – Grab Your Best Bonus & Reviews Here

0 WP Magic Black Box Plugin   Grab Your Best Bonus & Reviews HereGet Your WP Magic Black Box Plugin Here:

grab Your WP Magic BlackBox Plugin Bonus Here:

email me your paypal receipt at:

Support_Sandbox AT

You Will Absolutely Love the the Bonuses..:)

Cheers icon smile WP Magic Black Box Plugin   Grab Your Best Bonus & Reviews Here

Let me know if you need me for anything… Cheers icon smile WP Magic Black Box Plugin   Grab Your Best Bonus & Reviews Here


Get Your WP Magic BlackBox Plugin Here:

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Facebook Subscribe for WordPress

0 Facebook Subscribe for WordPressA quick demo of my new plugin that adds full support for Facebook Subscribe to wordpress including a shortcode, tinymce plugin, template tag, widget, and full api + locale control.

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CoverFlux2 Slideshow Plugin for Final Cut Pro, Motion, FCE & Adobe After Effects

0 CoverFlux2 Slideshow Plugin for Final Cut Pro, Motion, FCE & Adobe After Effects

We have all seen the gorgeous scrolling image carousel that iTunes and Finder uses. CoverFlux reproduces that slideshow effect for still images, producing movies & project files for Final Cut Pro, Motion, Final Cut Express & After Effects.

CoverFlux2 has been completely re-written, redefining this signature browsing slideshow with stunning new visual effects. It’s faster with over 10 unique features added:

Load, reorder and rename the files using the built in file browser. Select the depth of the stack, the number, the angle and even the depth of field of the display. Add round corners, soft edges and even a travelling gloss to highlight edges. Display with square or round corners, make them soft or use your own mask. Use the full XYZ camera movement & rotation to fly around the stack whilst animating. Choose the auto-animation feature or manual keyframe control to jump forward or backwards to any image in the stack.

What’s New?

Browser based loading, editing and reordering of images.

Choice of image resolution handling.

Three animation modes including fully auto and manual keyframing.

Start and end on chosen image.

Stack depth.

Stack spread.

Angle of images.

Completely configurable reflections.

Reflection now allows compositing on backgrounds other than black.

Blurring of images for shallow depth of field look.

Desaturation of images within stack in Z space.

Animating highlight gloss on images with adjustments.

Rounded corners.

Soft edges.

Custom mask.

Static or dynamic titles.

Title effects.

Supported Hosts
Works with Final Cut Studio

Final Cut Pro 6 or 7 Motion 3 or 4 Final Cut Express 4
Adobe After Effects (Mac)
8.0 or later (CS3)
9.0 or later (CS4)
10.0 or later (CS5)

Mac OS X Snow Leopard
Version 10.6.3

Mac with Intel processor
A supported Graphics Card.

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WP Membership Plugin You Must Have to Build Membership Site

0 WP Membership Plugin You Must Have to Build Membership SiteTest WP Membership plugin here:

As you can see this WP membership plugin offers many options and extras that will help you to make your membership website easily and fast without any programming knowledge.

Beside the must have options you can find many which lets you to tweak your membership site better and offer more options for the members.

Test all the features of this WP membership plugin here:

In my point of view the greatest advantage of this WP membership plugin is that in addition to the different levels of membership, you are also able to set different membership billing options with an unlimited amount of subscriptions. Whether you want to charge daily, weekly, monthly or even annually, you will have complete control.

It is not so hard to find a WordPress membership plugin, but you will not find one that offers so many options like this one.

Test this membership plugin here:

do ou want to get more info about this WP membership plugin? Check out this post:

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0 for WordPress API and Transaction Key IntegrationThis video shows you how to setup the specific settings, including where to find your API Key and Transaction Key in your account. View more details here:

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