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0 Review: S.H.Figuarts   Shinken GoldYes, he came with a Kuroko, and yes I forgot to include it in the review, check out the ShinkenRed review: if you want to see Kuroko-chan.

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Umemori Genta! Everyone’s favorite sushi seller has arrived! Second in the series of Shinkenger S.H.Figuarts, the sixth hero has graced us with his presence in a non exclusive form. Shinken Red was received with mix reviews, with some people thinking he was “too brittle.” Well I’m happy to say that, despite being the same mold, Shinken Gold trumps Shinken Red in a battle of epic proportions.

Overall, Shinken Gold is a must have for Shinkenger fans, especially if you enjoyed Genta’s character, or expect to like Antonio’s character in Samurai (supposedly he’s toned down for Samurai.) Between the beautiful gold paint used, the excellent articulation and sculpt, and the stellar accessories included, Shinken Gold is a release that no Shinkenger fan should miss. Highly, highly recommended.

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