Adam Levine Nude Films Music Video on Hollywood Boulevard

0 Adam Levine Nude Films Music Video on Hollywood BoulevardHollywood.TV is your source for all the latest celebrity news, gossip and videos of your favorite stars. It’s just another day in the life of Hollywood Boulevard, and today, Maroon 5 lead singer Adam Levine strips down to his panties and climbs into bed with a model to film a scene for his latest music video.Wow, that was as good for us as it was for you. Hollywood.TV is one of the top celebrity news providers in the world. Since 2008, HTV has been bringing all the latest celebrity news, interviews, gossip, and candid videos to viewers all over the world. HTV is on the job 24/7, and at all the best festivals from Sundance to Coachella, as well as on the streets every day to cover the hottest celebs in Hollywood, New York, and Miami.

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Ken’s Dating Tips: Tip # 48

0 Kens Dating Tips: Tip # 48Toy Story 3 is available now! Click here to order:

Toy Story 3 Available on (Four-Disc Blu-ray/DVD Combo + Digital Copy) November 2

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Ken’s Dating Tips: Tip # 31

0 Kens Dating Tips: Tip # 31Toy Story 3 is available now! Click here to order:

Toy Story 3 Available on (Four-Disc Blu-ray/DVD Combo + Digital Copy) November 2

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GMS Astaroth Boss Battle [1080p HD]

0 GMS Astaroth Boss Battle [1080p HD]Blog Post with more info –

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This is old news I know but I had everything filmed and a video made but I held of uploading. The battle wasn’t that good since the party of people I was in were absolutely terrible.

This is a completely GMS created area. First job Adventurers now get some new quests from their Job instructors that allow them to get a 12 stat hat then tackle Astaroth. Astaroth has his own set of low level weapons that have fairly good stats. However they are not tradable, have a low drop rate and you are limited in the number of times you can go per day. So don’t expect much from them.

I was going to film all the pre quests before this and getting one of the new helmets etc but I didn’t find it to be all too interesting really. The quests were rather bland and boring. The Boss fight to get your helmet was also very disappointing. The boss is ridiculously easy it was such a joke. I was very disappointed. They also have no proper sound effects which seems very lazy and no interesting background music.

A lot of people weren’t too happy with the hats either. They add 12 stats to the classes primary stat. (unless you are a Brawler) It was 24 when it was first added in the data but never released as that. There were a lot of outcries of a nerf and such but without data extractors no one would have even known. I think some people were acting pretty spoilt. I know all those years ago when I started I would have died for a fee 12 stat hat. It also makes a big difference for your defence.

Once you have beaten the boss for your job and completed a few more quests to get your Gas Mask you can make your way down into the ant tunnel and fight Astaroth. I was expecting another boring battle but I was pleasantly surprised. It was a lot more challenging than expected. Especially compared to other bosses in that level range. That’s not to say he is hard but at least it makes a bit of a more interesting fight. He may be a bit overwhelming for new players though. I have seen a few die there and they may not be aware of skills such as his zombify. He also has a large attack range which may surprise some people. I think they got the balance of the fight pretty right, not too hard but not totally boring. Though that being said I have no attack equips on my Brawler so I’m sure it would be a total breeze if I did. I think it would be nice to see more content and bosses like this for lower level players, rather than boring bosses like thos in the PQ’s.

There are some negatives though. Again to me it comes down to them being lazy. The animations for Astaroth are great and the same goes for the other bosses as well as their design. But again he has no specific music or battle music in general it’s very dissapointing. The backgrounds for his maps are also just recycled images which again to me just comes across as lazy and uninspired and spoils the work put into the boss itself. There also seems to be a lot of lag when fighting him. I have seen a lot of peopel freeze with lag and experienced it myself. Of course filming doesn’t help. I had a bit of difficulty getting Corkscrew to work so tended to favour Backstep during the fight. Also when it looks like I am standing around and not moving that is because I am stunned. They just show no animation for it.

when this was released they said this would be the first part of something more. So far nothing has appeared. It would be nice if they continued on the story and had some higher level bosses.

Another thing I pointed out is that is is for Adventurers only. Others don’t get access to these quests. Also you must have completed your quests from the job instructor that you get upon advancing. So older characters don’t have these since they weren’t introduced. There is also a level 40 level limit which again limits the content to even less people.

An interesting bug however is that Thunder Breakers get access to these quests for some reason. The are unable to enter the portal to fight the boss for the helm but can fight the boss on the path to Astaroth if they get a Gas Mask. Not sure if this bug is still present or not. Another bug that has since been fixed allowed you to bypass the limit. You could log out and back in again at Astaroth and you would never have to leave. It was well documented by people. I stumbled across it by accident myself. I disconnected when Astaroth was killed and upon logging in dropped in on the middle of another party’s fight.

Music -

Intro: Main menu BG from many Final Fantasy games

Battle: Pink Monsoon – Sheryl Nome

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