GIVEAWAY: Summer Bucket List ($50 in prizes)

0 GIVEAWAY: Summer Bucket List ($50 in prizes)What’s on your Summer 2012 bucket list? Let me know for a chance to win!


1. MUST be a subscriber to his channel
2. Leave a comment detailing your sumer plans/items on your summer bucket list
3. This is an international contest so you must have a valid shipping address
4. Must have parental permission to enter if under the age of 18
5. Do NOT comment more than once a day but feel free to comment once everyday to increase your chances of winning

GIVEAWAY CLOSES ON JULY 17th, 2012! I will be selecting the winner through and with announce the username in an upcoming video!
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Mush Kessa Hai مش قصة هاي – Ziad Rahbani in Damascus!

0 Mush Kessa Hai مش قصة هاي   Ziad Rahbani in Damascus!Ziad Rahbani in Damascus, Syria
August 19, 2008

“It’s Not a Problem” – Mush Kessa Hay
مش قصة هاي
August 27, 2009

Video here

Lebanese dialect

You pass by me and then keep walking, as if Im nothing special
You care for me and then stop caring for me, as if Im nothing special
You have rank and a great reputation
You also have everything I have
But you left even though we agreed not to drift apart, and your excuses are of no use to me
You feel sorry for me and then stop feeling sorry like its nothing trivial, like Im nothing special
You walk out on me and then come back
Fine, its not a problem
Your love is selfish and you think of no one but yourself
Youre lonely and stubborn
What do you base your actions on?
You made a mistake and it annoys me
You befriended me and then stop being my friend
You left me and then came back
But its not a problem
This song is a small part of your mind (i.e. it means nothing), but your misery is great
And as time passes youll lose your fame, and even the world wont seem enough for you
Your days are getting dark, you have no one, and thats not a problem

مش قصة هاي
بتمرق علي إمرق ما بتمرق ما تمرق مش فارقة معاي مش فارقة معاي
بتعشق علي إعشق ما بتعشق ما تعشق مش فارقة معاي مش فارقة معاي
عندك مكانة و صيت كبير
في عندك عندي من التقدير شي كتير
لكن بتروح بترم مش مسموح و أعذارك ما بتنفع معاي
بتشفق علي إشفق ما بتشفق ما تشفق مش هينة علي مش فارقة معاي
بتعلق معاي إعلق ما بتعلق أه القصة مش هاي مش قصة هاي
حبك اناني بالتفكير و مفكر إنك إنتا وحيد و عنيد
على شو مسنود على شي مش موجود
عم تغلط و تزود علي
بتصدق معاي إصدق ما بتصدق ما تصدق قصة مش هاي مش قصة هاي
بتفرق معاي تفرق ما بتفرق ما تفرق قصة مش هاي مش قصة هاي
هيدي الغنية جزء صغير من عقلك و الشقا و التعتير شي كتير
و لو وقت يساع بتصير ما بتنذاع بتجرصنا العالم كفاي
تسودن مساك يلا ما تسودن خير من الله مش أنت مساي و مش قصة هاي


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