Strap on the WordPress Jetpack and Take Off

0 Strap on the WordPress Jetpack and Take OffIn this WordPress Training Video, I will demonstrate the Jetpack Plugin by WordPress. It is a terrific little plugin that will explode your WordPress blog out of the universe. Ok, that was cheese, but actually it’s blast worthy!
When I first heard about the Jetpack plugin, I was like, HUH! I don’t quite understand what the deal is. Why would I need anything has to offer on my blog, psssh!
So I ignored the plugin and moved on. But over time the WordPress junkie in me sucked me back in and forced me to download it.  I’m glad, its rad.
The WordPress Jetpack  has brought to the table a few of the must have plugins your WordPress Blog should have; Hover Avatars, Share buttons, Stats and a Proof Reading!
I now think the Jetpack plugin is lovely, and I will place on all my WordPress Sites.
So here is the Official  WordPress JetPack write-up:
Jetpack is a WordPress plugin that supercharges your self-hosted WordPress site with the wondrous-cloud power of

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Developing your first wordpress plugin

0 Developing your first wordpress pluginHow to create your first wordpress plugin.
by phpSnake

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