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0 Sharebar   Must have Wordpress pluginsSharebar is a sidebar with buttons to the social networking sites, Facebook, Twitter, Google +1 and more. It’s great for involving social signals to your website for SEO and more traffic.

This is the first video of Must Have WordPress Plugins featuring the best WordPress plugins which I recommend everyone installs.

Welcome to another video, on must have WordPress plugins. Today’s must have WordPress plugin is Sharebar. Sharebar adds a sidebar or a vertical box to the left side of a blog post and it adds the popular social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and Digg. So when people are reading your post and they enjoy it, then they can click any of the social icons on the sidebar to increase your traffic.

To install sharebar, from your dashboard you need to hover over plugins, click add new, in the search term area you then type ‘share’ and ‘bar’ then press search plugins. It should be the first one that comes up, so when you see it click install now. Click ok, and it will now start installing the plugin, when it’s finished installing the plugin just click activate and now when you hover over settings, you should see the sharebar icon.

Here you can edit the plugin, add some buttons, it’s all up to you. Now, when I go back to my website, open up a post, you can now see the social icons as a sidebar down below.

So as you can see its kind of missing Google plus. So, if I Google, ‘Google plus one code’, click the first link. I’m going to change the annotation to bubble, make it tall, then i’m going to copy the code. I’m going to add a new button, paste the code in the big button and small button section, name it Google, then I want to click add button. I want to go back to the button, click edit and make sure it’s enabled then update the button. So now when you go to a post and refresh, you should see the Google Plus One.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and if you did, please like this video and comment. Thank you.

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WordPress plugin for Livedrive API

0 Wordpress plugin for Livedrive APIlivedrive api work flow. A detailed explanation.

contact us :
website :

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RSS Bomber WordPress Plugin Review

0 RSS Bomber Wordpress Plugin Review – the RSS Bomber WordPress Plugin turns each and every blog post it’s own RSS feed. Fully automated this is a MUST HAVE plugin for anyone that’s seriously interested in getting organic SEO results from their wordpress blog. All you need to do is install it and the plugin will do the rest.

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Clone Your Blog In 32 Seconds With This… | WP Twin Plugin

2 Clone Your Blog In 32 Seconds With This... | WP Twin Plugin
If you use wordpress, you should check out this
new tool. It clones your ENTIRE blog in seconds,
so you can move it to anywhere you want… back
it up…

Or if you do a lot of blog set ups, you can
automate them and save a ton of time.

Also, it comes with some “already cloned” stuff
you can “one click” and deploy. Nice.

Check it out.

Click the link below now:

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