142 WordPress PK Admin Menu 0v2 A Top-level and Sub-level Menu, How to Write a WordPress Plugin

0 142 WordPress PK Admin Menu 0v2 A Top level and Sub level Menu, How to Write a WordPress Pluginhttp://kingsolutions.org.uk/wordpress/wordpress/how-to-write-a-wp-plugin/

Welcome to this tutorial series from King Solutions on How to Write a WordPress Plugin.

In this series we’ll take a look at exactly what it takes to build plugins for WordPress.

In this lesson we will go a step further with WordPress Menus and demonstrate how to create a custom top-level menu with two sub-menus and add sub-menus to the Settings and Tools top-level menus.
With this information you will have all the information you need to produce your own admin menus and options pages for your plugins.

In the last few years the powerful open source WordPress software has become very popular, not just for basic blogs but for full blown web environments. This has been made possible to a large part by the extensibility provided by the WordPress Plugin API interface.

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