(4of6) Alan Watt – Predictive Programming Theory and Practice 1of2

0 (4of6) Alan Watt   Predictive Programming Theory and Practice 1of2*What is predictive programming? Alan Watt explains:

“Hollywood is the magician’s wand (holly-holy) which has been used to cast a spell on the unsuspecting public. Things or ideas which would otherwise be seen as bizarre, vulgar, undesirable or impossible are inserted into films in the realm of fantasy. When the viewer watches these films, his/her mind is left open to suggestion and the conditioning process begins. These same movies which are designed to program the average person, can give the discerning viewer a better understanding of the workings and the plan of the world agenda. “Be-aware”.

Predictive Programming – The power of suggestion using the media of fiction to create a desired outcome.”

~Alan Watt


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Examples of PP in movies:

- V for Vendetta (2005)


- Minority Report (2002)


- Gattaca (1997)


- Equilibrium (2003)


- Code 46 (2003)


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8 thoughts on “(4of6) Alan Watt – Predictive Programming Theory and Practice 1of2

  1. I’d rather sit by a …
    I’d rather sit by a river w a beer , bcs I think the future is going to suck .

  2. 1138 really shows …
    1138 really shows the sucutude of working in automated cyborg factorys

  3. At the beginning of …
    At the beginning of the NBIC workshop, the participants were challenged by
    Newt Gingrich to think outside the box and to ambitiously consider the possible
    implications of the nano-info-bio-cogno convergence over the coming decades. We
    were also instructed to consider human dignity as an important issue, which
    tempered some of the cyborg speculations and other visions of humans with
    technology implants and augments that might seem unappealing to most people
    today.- from the talk :(

  4. Newt gingrich gave …
    Newt gingrich gave a talk about brain chipping im looking for it, it is in mah black hole puter :P

    Long-term motor cortex plasticity induced by an electronic neural implant

    An Inconvenient Newt [it was at a talk newt gingrich gave, he wants to chip us] lord help us!

    Alan Watt on “National Intel Report” with John Stadtmiller – August 8, 2007 (Alan Stands in for John, 2 hours) – (mp3)

    “Converging technologhies for improving human performance” its a PDF Newt Gingrich

  5. I can’t find …
    I can’t find anything about the chip talk in Louisiana…..any help is appreciated!

  6. re: @:34′s Dracula …
    re: @:34′s Dracula reference, Christopher Lee (lead actor in original Wicker Man) played Dracula in “Dracula 1970″.

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