Creating a WordPress Theme

0 Creating a Wordpress ThemeWhat goes into Creating a WordPress Theme? After making a WordPress Blog you want to know how to create a WordPress Theme. You’ll find out in this video tutorial. I’ll also show you how to:

Set up a Blank Theme
Place a Search Form Where you Want
Create a WordPress 3.0 Horizontal Menu
Place a Featured Banner Where you Want
Create 2 Sidebars
Display Recent Posts with Excerpts
Pull Articles from RSS Feeds Dynamically
Create Subscription Links to your Feed, Twitter and Facebook
Set up a Dynamic Footer

Code is Here:

Duration : 0:23:47

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13 thoughts on “Creating a WordPress Theme

  1. @derekbanas Sorry …
    @derekbanas Sorry the link is —> ” pinkchaos . org/folio ”

  2. @derekbanas Can You …
    @derekbanas Can You Take A Look At This Portfolio. People design layouts like this for money but I wanna do this my self and I don’t know how. Please take a look –> ” pinkchaos . org / folio/ displayimage.php?album=27&pid=276#top_display_media ” Just delete the spaces. Thank You.

  3. @WollieX3 Yes you …
    @WollieX3 Yes you would need to delete that as well. Actually if you just deleted that and changed the margin on mainContent you’d get the layout you’re looking for

  4. @gravics You’re …
    @gravics You’re very welcome:) I’m glad you like them

  5. @derekbanas Yeah.. …
    @derekbanas Yeah.. There’s just one more question… So for the sidebars if I only wan’t one … Do i delete the get_sidebar thing at the bottom or what?

  6. Thanks Derek. Your …
    Thanks Derek. Your tutorials are so thorough and helpful. I have seen tutorials that you have to pay for and books that do not come close to this. Thanks for the generosity of your time and sharing your knowledge.

  7. @WollieX3 You …
    @WollieX3 You should definitely use WordPress for your site. Google loves wordpress sites. After I get the styling tutorial up tomorrow you’ll be able to make fancy new menus and hopefully understand how to better style a site using css

  8. @derekbanas Ok. …
    @derekbanas Ok. Alright… Because Im trying to code something like this for wordpress ” cena online dot org! ”

  9. @WollieX3 Yes …
    @WollieX3 Yes delete it and change the margin for the mainContent div. That’s it. I did my best to make this theme easy to customize. I’ll add more features in the next theme like more widgetized areas

  10. Also…. If I Just …
    Also…. If I Just Wan’t one sidebar do I do the same just delete one or what?

  11. @WollieX3 You’re …
    @WollieX3 You’re welcome. I’ll upload the second part tomorrow that fixes all of the CSS errors. The code on my website already contains all of the fixes for tomorrow’s video

  12. Awwee! Yay! Your an …
    Awwee! Yay! Your an awesome guy! Thanks for uploading;

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