How To Create A Website or Blog Using WordPress

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Today’s video will illustrate a very clear example of how to build your own website or blog using the WordPress web development suite. WordPress is a completely free package and developing your own website doesn’t require you to drop a dime of your own money.

Many people still think creating a personal website or blog is an extremely complicated or expensive task, but this simply isn’t the case anymore! WordPress has become one of the most popular website building software packages because it actually allows individuals of all backgrounds the opportunity to create extremely powerful and complex websites without ever even writing a line of code.

Web programming has been automated by the WordPress software to the point of being able to use simple text editors, upload buttons and other fantastically simple methods for rendering even the most complex websites.

I will show you in later videos, you can even utilize the plug-in feature of WordPress to completely optimize your website for search engines, without even writing a line of code! Of course, you need to make sure you spend the right amount of time choosing keywords and such, but it is hardly backbreaking work that no one can do, it’s just busywork.

Anyways, I digress.

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10 thoughts on “How To Create A Website or Blog Using WordPress

  1. Craig, you rock! …
    Craig, you rock! Your step by step instructions are a huge help to helping me build a website. I can’t wait for more videos to be uploaded so I can learn more about building websites.

  2. can this kinda …
    can this kinda thing be done with an application such as webs, if not does anyone know how to make it so you can edit your website and save pages on word for webs for editing purposes

  3. The maximum length …
    The maximum length of youtube videos is no longer just 10 minutes its 15 minutes now i think.

  4. Don’t save your …
    Don’t save your pass with browser password keepers. Try LastPass next time.

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