Shortcut to Advanced WordPress Themes

0 Shortcut to Advanced WordPress Themes – Become a member so you can take advantage of all of the below:

1) My WordPress Code Snippets Library
2) Premium Video Tutorials that work with the snippets
3) Modified Theme Options Panel ( work with the snippets )
4) Access to the Members Only Solutions Forum
5) Access to 1-on-1 Meeting with me ( Free ) to answer any questions

It is my Goal to help you learn what you “NEED” to know about WordPress so you can get your Themes Up & Running…

Looking forward to working with you,

Duration : 0:1:12

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5 thoughts on “Shortcut to Advanced WordPress Themes

  1. Excellent teacher, …
    Excellent teacher, and content, but where’s the download?

  2. @Notavailableatall …
    @Notavailableatall Thanks for joining – You can find all resources after clicking the “Resources” tab of the
    “Your Members Area” Page

  3. @adamwh7 Thanks for …
    @adamwh7 Thanks for the comment about the video quality – I am working on creating another to overview the membership benefits in more detail.

    Let me know if there is anything I can directly assist you with.

  4. Cool graphics, but. …
    Cool graphics, but.. hard to tell what you’re doing and it’s difficult to duplicate. But good job with the video.

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