TLDR: Jamming, Security, Apps, and Programming

0 TLDR: Jamming, Security, Apps, and ProgrammingWhere to Learn Objective C (60% Discount for Gnomies)

Cell Phone Jamming: Should It Be Legal or Not?

Layering Your Home Network Security

How to Close Apps in Windows 8

How to Organize and Name App Groups in Windows 8

Top Five To-do Apps for the iPhone

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25 thoughts on “TLDR: Jamming, Security, Apps, and Programming

  1. Parts of the TLDR …
    Parts of the TLDR are recorded as separate videos.

  2. Haha! Quote of the …
    Haha! Quote of the year, “We cannot get married until you’ve seen Spaceballs, honey…”

  3. I’m a pretty good …
    I’m a pretty good programmer i understand a lot of langages including VB, C, C#, java and CSS.

    If anyones got any questions i’m happy to answer them! Send me a message when ever you what. Happy to help you all :)

  4. @46:50 “I could, …
    @46:50 “I could, but I can’t”? Does anyone understand why Chris did that…and why 3 times?

  5. Jamming should be …
    Jamming should be kept illegal, no matter what. Cell phones have become a primary way to call 911 and, if someone is jamming cell signals during an emergency, this could lead to a injuries sustained by others or even death.

  6. I know a little bit …
    I know a little bit of BASIC. But that’s it as far as programming goes.

  7. its the same here …
    its the same here with me. im always in school when he starts tdlr

  8. Please promote the …
    Please promote the arrest or Joseph Kony in 2012! He’s been committing crimes against humanity without being known for 27 years! 

  9. You should change …
    You should change the time of the tldr because I have school and cant watch it :(

  10. I didn’t know that …
    I didn’t know that there was such a thing as a geekier side to life!

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