What kind of software do I need to open this program?

I downloaded a zipped file of a Pokemon game (I know it’s dorky, I had a nostalgia attack!!!) and I don’t have the right program to open it with. What sort of software do I need?

Emulator, you can download the emulator here:


Go click on that website and you’ll can find the emulator.

4 thoughts on “What kind of software do I need to open this program?

  1. to extract the file, just right click on the file and hit "extract" but to run the file, i’m not sure… it depends on what the file type is. google the file extension to find the right program to run it if you need. it depends on wat it is though
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  2. Depends what system the game is for. If you know that, look here:


    The top one will probably do, here’s the direct download link:


    Of course, I’m assuming you mean you can’t open the file in the zip, not that you can’t unzip the file. Either way, that emulator can open zipped files anyway so there’s no need to unzip them first.
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