WordPress Plugin Development 201 #wcmtl2012

0 WordPress Plugin Development 201 #wcmtl2012WordCamp Montréal, Aug. 19, 2012 – After covering WordPress Plugin Development basics at last year’s conference, Yannick Lefebvre — a tech enthusiast and the author of the ‘WordPress Plugin Development Cookbook’, published by Packt Publishing — continues its exploration of plugin development by covering topics such as the creation of an efficient development environment, efficiently loading and using jQuery, making plugins ready for internationalization and enhancing your plugin page on the official repository.

Source: http://2012.montreal.wordcamp.org/
Speaker: Yannick Lefebvre (http://twitter.com/ylefebvre)
A video presented by Savoir-faire Linux (http://www.twitter.com/sflinux)

Duration : 0:36:3

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