WordPress Template Programming – Part 9

0 Wordpress Template Programming   Part 9www.pixelforlife.com

get your fingers warmed up, we are just doing some coding!

Duration : 0:10:19

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4 thoughts on “WordPress Template Programming – Part 9

  1. Great Stuff. I …
    Great Stuff. I would love to see more and get to handling those pesky rotating boxes.

  2. Do the whole thing. …
    Do the whole thing… Half of the reason I was interested in this was because of all of the java scripts you wanted to add. I love all the other info too and I intermediately created a them afterwords from photoshop afterwards using thematic. I love this series and you are in no way boring. But your right I do yell at the screen every now and than and it amuses me greatly. :D

  3. your website is not …
    your website is not awailable please make it work why is your domain suspended???

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